photo of the trip

this sums it up. I’ll pause for 2 days transiting but will come back with a proper post to what in my view is the best Messiah! Nathalie Stutzmann needs to be recorded conducting this piece! with her band + chorus + SM! (S. Gritton was very good too!)


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5 Responses to photo of the trip

  1. Dr.Dog says:

    Her new CD is brilliant!

    • thả diều says:

      oh? i haven’t gotten around to buy it, it was available right at the shop here… will do some catch up! i was soooo hoping for a radio broadcast of last night show… but… it would be _the_ messiah cd i would buy (and i never buy anything except plane + concert/opera tix 😀 )

      • Dr.Dog says:

        In my very humble non expert opinion – I didn’t know she was a conductor also. What a gal!

        • thả diều says:

          you could start here!

          she gave a very nice interview on bbc hardtalk just last month on the art of conducting and how she likes it that for singers in general who will always worry about the time when their voices “decline” she will still be able to do music she loves with conducting.

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