music to start the year

happy new year everyone! i finally back to my own bed again.. but not for long, have to drive next week in snowy condition at another meeting, fingers crossed how that will go!

so, how about a piece of “soothing” music for the office, as the goal for tonight is to come up with (a) the title, (b) 3 slides for yet another talk on a subject i don’t know much about but branching out to. I can vouch that this piece has worked in _almost_ all occasions, including many red-eye + trans-US + trans-Atlantic.. (only time it didn’t work AT ALL was in Bergen where some jolt was desperately required 🙂 )

on music front, i *almost* had a chance to attend Itzhak Perlman’s recital at Disney Hall this past wednesday! but opted for a working meeting instead!! (argh argh argh!!) Meeting was perfect though, 2 new potential projects.. but i debated hard.. anyhow.. how about a randomly nice photo of while i at it, check out the weather yesterday! this crappy camera seems not able to capture the perfectly clear mountain.. but if you’d like contrast, here’s what we have in boston (pix 1-wk old but still reflective of current conditions). happy new year!

CA, 22/jan/2015

22°C, CA, 22/jan/2015

boston, MA, 16/jan/2015

−10°C, boston, MA, 16/jan/2015


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13 Responses to music to start the year

  1. stray says:

    Hey you going to Agrippina in April?

    • thả diều says:

      yes, that’s the plan, unless i got volunteered for another meeting like tomorrow 🙂

      • stray says:

        Yeah, don’t let that happen! lol

        My partner in crime has a conflict, so I’ve got a spare ticket to the Friday performance if you’re interested. It’s Row J, so further back than last time but still center section I think.

        Good luck with the snow!

        • thả diều says:

          ooooh, i super like spare 🙂 . will try to avoid being set up for meetings 😉 . snow in DC, last time that happened, i saw people abandoned their car in middle of roads and walked home! i might do the same and ditching renting car altogether… best if they would just cancel the WHOLE meeting 😀

          • stray says:

            Isn’t this what they invented video conferencing for?

          • thả diều says:

            dang, snow condition not bad enough for them to cancel my flight, just “delayed”.. i back to preparing talk then 😀

          • stray says:

            Ugh! Safe travels!

          • thả diều says:

            man, finally made it home, i canceled myself out of trip coz they canceled my return flight.. and there’s no point flying around in bad weather… so now i just need to find my helmet + goggles + thick gloves + whatnots to head to office at 8am tomorrow for telecon 🙂 . will be first time i give a talk remotely for sure.. hope all is well on your end too! avoid the road on tues they say!

          • stray says:

            They’ve revised our forecast down to 4-8″. Boring boring boring.

          • thả diều says:

            really? that low? it’s blowing pretty impressive here, i think we’ll get more than you. i made a mistake last year of walking outside…was very miserable, it turned out the most critical missing piece was goggles 🙂

          • stray says:

            You’ve definitely got more than we do. Just saw a map that says Worcester has 24″ and the Berkshires has 3. Srsly? We have slightly more than a dusting at this point, but we might make 3″ ourselves.

  2. Eyesometric says:

    Stay safe and warm you two!

    • thả diều says:

      ha, dc was closed down mercifully this morning so i didn’t have to trek to office at 8am! but now is the time… will report condition once i reach and finish talk.. that must be wind i heard howling..

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