Cung Chúc Tân Xuân

haaaaaaaapppy new year everyone!! just got this in the mail, i soooo excited. it came out of sister-in-law kitchen in san diego just last saturday night and made way here today, cannnn’t wait to unwrap and eat tomorrow.

bánh chưng, giò

bánh chưng, giò

ideally i’d love to celebrate with my family.. but great memory will do. So, what do we do on New Year Day? very big deal to choose WHO should be the first to visit and “bless” the ground, there’s a whole procedure to this! First you enter your date-of-birth and it calculates for you who you should invite! For mine, here’s the list (first column is the desired guest’s year-of-birth):

or generally speaking, if you’re born the year of the Dog, Pig, Goat/Sheep, you’re most welcome first thing in the morning!! After that everyone is welcome. (this is the tradition of course, i couldn’t care less whoever comes first 😉 ). We then open the door wide, unwrap bánh chưng, eat, greet, be happy. Loads of other traditions can be read up here. Most important is that you clean the house the nights before but *NEVER* brush anything out using broom on the new year day (the 1st), as it implies you wiping off all your luck :-).

This is an interesting song that brings back very unique memory to all vietnamese at home and abroad, especially prior to 1990. It has reference to war, soldiers heading out to battle field, elder mother with tears in her eyes waiting for her children to come home (for the new year). It includes wishes not just for everyone’s happiness but a future of peace and prosperity for the country. Here’s a nice analysis (in vietnamese) as I was always curious of the context (i won’t attempt to translate..). It discusses specifically why even though the song has almost no reference to “new year”, it is well known as a new year celebration song: primarily because of all the wishes (chúc). In Vietnamese culture we don’t normally send wishes like in western culture (i wish you a good evening, etc.) . In fact I can only recall sending wishes during new year :-).

Ly Rượu Mừng (Celebration Toast)
Tác giả: Phạm Đình Chương

Ngày xuân nâng chén ta chúc nơi nơi
Mừng anh nông phu vui lúa thơm hơi
Người thương gia lợi tức
Người công nhân ấm no
Thoát ly đời gian lao nghèo khó

á a a a
Nhấp chén đầy vơi
Chúc người người vui
á a a a
Muôn lòng xao xuyến duyên đời

Rót thêm tràn đầy chén quan san
Chúc người binh sĩ lên đàng
Chiến đấu công thành
Sáng cuộc đời lành
Mừng người vì Nước quên thân mình

Kìa nơi xa xa có bà mẹ già
Từ lâu mong con mắt vương lệ nhòa
Chúc bà một sớm quê hương
Bước con về hòa nỗi yêu thương

á a a a
Hát khúc hoan ca thắm tươi đời lính
á a a a
Chúc mẹ hiền dứt u tình

Rượu hân hoan mừng đôi uyên ương
Xây tổ ấm trên cành yêu đương
Nào cạn ly, mừng người nghệ sĩ
Tiếng thi ca nét chấm phá tô thêm đời mới

Bạn hỡi, vang lên
Lời ước thiêng liêng
Chúc non sông hoà bình, hoà bình
Ngày máu xương thôi tuôn rơi
Ngày ấy quê hương yên vui
đợi anh về trong chén tình đầy vơi

Nhấc cao ly này
Hãy chúc ngày mai sáng trời tự do
Nước non thanh bình
Muôn người hạnh phúc chan hoà

Ước mơ hạnh phúc nơi nơi
Hương thanh bình dâng phơi phới


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13 Responses to Cung Chúc Tân Xuân

  1. jcmwee says:

    Happy New Year Dr T 🙂

  2. dehggial says:

    Happy New Year, T! Hope you get to see lots of good shows this year 🙂

    • thả diều says:

      thanks D! now it finally feel a page is turning, let’s get the show rolling. i slipping in practice.. used to make sure i return all things borrowed, cut hair, wash all clothes, make peace, all before new year :D.

  3. Eyesometric says:

    Those parcels look like something which would interest the guys at Border Control, but I’m sure they were delicious! Happy New Year 🙂

    • thả diều says:

      Thanks Eyes, no no, no border, just sent within US, we were worried it would get bad but concluded there was no worry since it arrived in nearly frozen form :D. will unwrap now, yayyy

      • stray says:

        I guess there’s a benefit in the polar vortex when you’re shipping perishables! Happy New Year!

        I’m supposed to be at Boston Baroque next Friday — do you think there will be streets by then, or should I borrow a sled and some huskies?

        • thả diều says:

          oh something is supposed to happen next week too? don’t you need huskies to get out of where you are? i stop checking the weather, got blown side-way today walking to school… i could arrange to give you *the* book then? sadly am out of town starting nxt wed already.. with a scheduled talk right on 2/mar so no more dream of dashing to karsruhe..

          • stray says:

            I’m not assuming anything about the weather except that there will be some 🙂 But no, no huskies needed here, we only have about 2 ft (so far). And we’re supposed to have a heat wave Sunday (40F!).

            Re book, pdfs are actually easier to work with. No rush, I’ve got a few dense pages left to do and what I have done needs some polishing.

            Have a good trip anyway, might be nice to get out of town for a bit, even if it isn’t to Karlsruhe.

          • thả diều says:

            no no, don’t polish, check your email instead 😉

          • stray says:

            Okay, that’ll keep me busy until Spring 🙂

  4. yvette says:

    All the best ! Shall we meet again in this Goat’s year?

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