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boston_camerata01Welcome to another overnight in the office. This is 1 week late as I heard them last week but didn’t have time to post. A friend whose early music taste always brings me to the right place mentioned that boston camerata was in town and performing that night and though totally buried with deadlines I knew enough to follow her instinct. What followed, I can not believe I didn’t know the existence of this group until now! All in all, one of those performances you will remember for a long time. Not one particular thing to identify, just the combination, totally fits my recent developed ears + long love for early instruments :-).


the instruments


the program

Am going to be very “lazy” and not writing much because it seems they were covered very well in the following list. The point is to make notice in case they come near your area you might want to check out.  What really struck me was an example of a group of musicians fully demonstrating their capability + talents + dedication while enjoying it along the way, and thus freely spreading their “infectious” joy, i in suuuuuper high spirit the WHOLE week. And it reminded greatly of my first ever baroque concert in a church way back in 1996 when I was on the way discovering “classical music”. Few things can beat a small setting + sitting 1-3 meters from these intimate instruments and voices :-).

Boston Camerata’s
residency at MIT
1st performance in the intimate setting of MIT’s chapel (which i sadly missed as was on travel)
2nd performance in Walker Memorial
photos (do check out, some really nice shots, including 1 where i can spot myself 🙂 )

The Boston Camerata

their facebook page
their music:

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8 Responses to boston camerata @ mit

  1. stray says:

    How were the acoustics in that space? It looks like a really great venue for them.

    • thả diều says:

      good “morning”! i was skeptical of walker memorial and thought it was too open and big, but turned out was VERY GOOD, very intimate. they set it up to sing in all spots of a + while audience sat at corners of the x . i really liked it. to start i thought why they were not singing in the chapel (and found out they did 🙂 ). Anne Azéma made the comment that she loved finding these new space to make music.

  2. dehggial says:

    lovely stuff 🙂

    • thả diều says:

      was realllly cool stuff :-), they sang mostly secular music at this performance. this same friend and I went to another acapella concert last night and ended up discussion the contrasting levels of ease + expertise between boston camerata and this other group. i thought it was really a rare chance to be so close to such good musicians + instruments, totally reminded me of bemf, not sure if they perform during the festival… may be Stray knows..

      • dehggial says:

        I love most of the medieval/Renaissance music I heard (I have 4-5 CDs at my mum’s house), some of it I recognised in this program. The secular stuff tends to be rather saucy and/or funny from what I gathered.

        There was this one song set in a convent, there’s a rumour the nuns are getting it on with men at night so the abbess decides to check on them after midnight, but the nuns (cavorting with men) discover that instead of her wimple she’s wearing a pair of men’s undies on her head… 😉

        • thả diều says:

          you’re much more “advanced” than i’m then, was totally unaware of existence of this sort of music, when i took that class in 1996 to learn about “classical music” we started with a mention of “gregory chant” and proceeded immediately to Bach, so everything b4 Bach was missing in my knowledge database 🙂 .
          i love these secular pieces actually, more sort of everyday storyline around the corner ..

          • dehggial says:

            It was thanks to those buy 10 cds get 2 free deals Columbia etc did back then that I found out about this stuff. I also bought a callas box set I didn’t like through them 😉

      • stray says:

        I have seen them at BEMF but not in a long while. (iirc it was their Carmina Burana program, which it looks like they’re doing out in Hyannis in May.) Haven’t seen them at BEMF since then, but they could well have been there and I missed them.

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