music to start the weekend

welcome to another rambling post, this seems to be the new theme 🙂
picking music for “debugging” is quite tricky it turns out, what works: Bach, Händel, Mozart. what does not: Verdi, bel canto! Even the entire fantastic Dresden 1998 version sent the mind to the edge!! so now into hopefully a quiet weekend with do-loops, I’ve been searching for music to get started.. First VK’s Schwetzingen’s recital worked GREAT! then Bartoli’s Mozart’s recital worked fantastically! And I was going to pick up with Bartoli’s Paris recital again.. but then was also debating with S.Mingardo’s live “Il ritorno d’Ulisse”… But, let’s start here, a piece I’ve known for a long time and always wanted to see live (have several times…); fits quite ok with the “good friday” (also good weekend then?) theme:


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  1. thả diều says:

    the thing about bach is once started you can’t stop! i stuck in there for the last 6 hours.. but now time to change gear a bit.. onto playlist to continue the weekend:
    1. Il ritorno di Ulisse in patria, Act 1, live, beaune
    2. i went through nearly 2/3 of the 2nd Act but decided to explore something different, a madrigal (still Monteverdi)..
    3. then woke up today with this duet in head..
    4. then onto the entire 1/2 half of Alcina in Wien (radio capture), man that was niiiiiiiiice. In case any of you would like to hear Ms. Harteros’ intermission interview (and welcome to translate 😉 ), let me know, i always listen as it naturally extends from the BANG of the curtain fall after “Ah mio Cor” + roaring..
    5. then back to clip from this post, turn up the volume a bit, WWWOOOOW, that is NICE!! viola da gamba that is, am not too thrill about the singing.. it’s interesting to notice what you don’t notice in certain performance.. until a particular singer/player/conductor/chorus combo suddenly brought it out.. can’t remember where i first notice how gorgeous this piece was with viola da gamba. Her name is Romina Lischka, the fabulous virtuouso-ist.
    6. As usual with Bach, it’s a bit strange to leave the post “hanging”, so naturally we need the tune to bring back harmony 🙂 . This is the first time i hear this being played so fast, but quite like the violonbass (??) setting the jagged tempo and the dancing feeling to it.. can’t remember where i also read a lot of it is like a dance, yep, a dancing tune…

    7. hmm.. can’t find 2nd part.. but i back to first part, coz again i a biig fan of our main soprano in this recording (koopman) ..

    • dehggial says:

      you can stop allright! I snoozed for the last 10min of St Matthew’s Passion last afternoon. If it wasn’t for the colourful coughing around me I’d still be there sawing away 😉

      • thả diều says:

        haha, what happened? what sort of orchestra was used? and were you close to orchestra? i wrote once complaining loudly about sitting too far away and you’d snooze (i didn’t but was “angry” and wanted to leave coz was sooo bland..) this is one of those rare pieces i even know the recitative by heart… started the night listening to st. john from amsterdam but quickly had to move to matthew’s..

        • dehggial says:

          Review coming up. It was a proper Baroque orchestra, I wasn’t too keen on the music is all. And there was a hell of a lot of coughing, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it.

          • thả diều says:

            ok, i lurking and curious.. but then again i wouldn’t invite people who don’t know the work intimately to attend, it’s a 3-hr thing after all, and without the right mixture 3-hr can be quite long 🙂

          • dehggial says:

            After Handel what’s 3 hours? I went thinking it’d be a lot livelier live and it was. At home I made it through about 1/3.

          • thả diều says:

            speaking of handel, i’ve now settled with radio_wien_alcina :-).
            but 1/3 is the right amount! in fact the first recording i was given came in 3-cd format, and i listened extensively to cd-3 prior to my first live attendance. then after that i picked up something i really like toward the beginning and then cd-1 was played on repeat for another couple of years! finally i got my “hands” on the ton-koopman’s dvd version (in that super fancy church somewhere..) and really liked the soprano, and subsequently discovered the rest of cd-2 . the storyline, as well as seriousness + tone (bitterness even), work quite different than from an opera (i think..). finally there’s also bach vs handel, which Andreas Scholl helped me figured out why one works instantly and the other is a process (at least for me). cheers in high wind, so strong in fact they just put out the red flag and brought ALL sailboats in.

          • dehggial says:

            well, I really liked the bit where the choirs get all worked up (after the soprano/alto duet). That was almost melodic! It was annoying how every time the choir had a tune developing he (Bach) would just stop it for the purposes of going ahead with the story. The cheek! Btw, the sailboats are lovely. I’d love one 😀

          • thả diều says:

            oh right, the chorus, think they were used only for the purpose of “short” mass-regret-reflection or mass-shouting-hurling-stones except for beginning + end cd-1 + end cd-3 :-). in fact if you’re looking for chorus development perhaps his mass in b-minor is more appropriate? in contrast i don’t hear too well pieces with only chorus (either that or i don’t know what to hear…) hence his mass + mozart requiem are not high on my list..
            (ps= i was hopping to carry on this conversation over at yo post since i so curious.. but kept lurking.. and nothing happening yet 😉 )
            hmm.. now we’re at intermission of wien_alcina.. and i just listened again to lovely Harteros speaking through entire intermission and not understanding a word.. (but still love to listen :”> ).. perhaps time to migrate to 2nd part of matthew’s passion.., i reallllly like that soprano..)

          • dehggial says:

            I liked the mass shouting! 😉 anyway, I don’t know the libretto and I’m not very religiously clued up. Cheers for the pointers!

          • thả diều says:

            mass shouting is great! esp. the one right after that very tender aria by… i forgot who, let me check.. , woke up everyone that 1 time in jordan hall :D.. but while i look.. i love how sometimes out of the blue you get to rock with the violinist: (in case time-tag doesn’t work, go to precisely 1528s = 25min28sec in)

          • thả diều says:

            oh great, yes, chorus shouting, but also a chance for me to feature the soprano i kept babbling about :”> . the chorus ran her to the ground right after the aria… (actually it’s narrator)

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