vintage vk

i set alarm at 1.15pm in an attempt to make *3* talks in the department… and here we are, it’s totally useless rolling back schedule, forward is the way to go. I do listen to more singers than VK :-), though unconsciously she just has her way of creeping back in, case in point my accidental convenient mix up within Rossini’s plots involving power-girl (or not..). Coincidentally I’ve been debating this last whole week of putting up the live radio broadcast from La Scala with her in the titled role.. but this occasion’s mix up is a perfect excuse to re-view some vintage VK, they should have known better who they’re messing with (time-tag 30min40s):

the sound drives me batty, but how about some screen shots on how to stare them boys down.
The girl behind the curtain is concerned for their (boys’) safetyisabela01

wakes of chest notes sending the human wave tumbling backward. The girl behind curtain is now really having fun,

Isabella side-step dancing leading the whiny bass offstage:

a WS is born. Sarà quel che sarà!


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11 Responses to vintage vk

  1. dehggial says:

    in the last screenshot she’s like “I vant to suk yor blood!” 😀

  2. stray says:

    Vampire things, academic things, and operatic things should all be done after sundown.

    • stray says:

      And speaking of operatic things, still on for Agrippina tomorrow? Will you have rolled your schedule forward enough to make a 7:30 curtain? 🙂

      • thả diều says:

        yesss! am prepared! (also on med / off caffein now re. allergy, so might be yawning a little bit :-), but hopefully sharp! i better check where it is, jordan hall? (yep, just checked) , meet you at 7.15pm? up for (post) dinner?

      • thả diều says:

        ps- and if you’r up for dinner, you also have option to try out this authentic vietnamese thing which i carried back from Los Angeles. (photo is from similar thing my sister-in-law made 20-days later and shipped to me, the square thing in this post, which i already ate without sharing :D)

  3. Tove S says:

    I’m singing “Cruda sorte” for my exam production next week. My character is a gay male ship’s steward trying to seduce the captain.

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