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Dear reader(s), please feel free to translate what she said afterward 🙂 (some thing about the range, something about “Laudamus te“). In fact this part “Qui sedes ad dexteram Patris” sounds pretty high, she’s almost singing in her “head” voice it seems.. “Qui tollis peccata mundi” is criminally cut at the end!! With such good sound i thought there would be a cd-recording of it but just simply can’t find anywhere..

Why Bach Mass in B minor? I have tried several times in the past, especially when it’s one of a very good friend’s favorite pieces and she’s always asking for my take, and yet I have never been able to “get it”. Suddenly today, while working late, I have the urge to re-visit several things I’ve listened to before but didn’t have strong impression yet now like.. There is something to be said about growing ears. Pappano’s take is very “fresh”, i love the orchestra. This, in addition to Mozart Requiem, is much more heavy toward the chorus, and I would have realllly loved to hear this choir too, if there’s a (radio?) recording anywhere.

Edit: hmm, after listening some 12 times.. i’m still not sure if that’s SM singing! Maybe they did say in the interview what they play? 🙂


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  1. dehggial says:

    This is what she says:

    Interviewer: Especially about the tessitura of your role in Mass in B minor.

    SM: Bach doesn’t often use many low notes (aside from works like Cantata 54), he doesn’t really write for the contralto register, like his contemporaries Vivaldi or Handel. I’m also singing the second soprano’s aria, which is somewhat low for a soprano. It’s not the first time, I’ve sung it before with Maestro [missed the name].

    Interviewer: Laudamus te?

    SM: Yes. It’s pretty low for a soprano. He might’ve used a child singer or maybe he just wanted a lower voice here. In any case, unlike his contemporaries, Bach doesn’t use many low notes in his writing (for the voice). But it’s pleasant and healthy to sing, it’s not boring, you can sing it all day, it’s good for the muscles, for the head, for the breath, for everything. Ok, It’s kinda hard to sing, but it’s doable.

  2. thả diều says:

    now for something completely irrelevant to the post, but i want to put up somewhere 🙂
    call it a once in a life-time coincidence? this vietnamese woman i’ve been chatting up with for the last 3 years at my local vietnamese joint (same place i took Stray last time..): just found out today she and i grew up on the same street!! half way around the world, how’s that for a warm coincidence :-). she seemed freaked out a little, probably thinking someone is stalking her :p . convo went like this (we always carry out short convo, but this time i asked something different..):
    me: how often you visit vietnam?
    her: (saying how often, her family, etc)
    me: where did you use to live?
    her: Saigon
    me: me too, i used to live in county XXX
    her: me too!
    me: district YYY
    her: (a bit bewildered) me TOO!
    me: street XYZ
    her: (now looking totally bewildered + suspicious/probably thinking i stalked her): ME TOO!!!
    me: REALLY??? I went to school X for 1-5 grade, Y for 6-8 grade, my sisters went to Z for 10-12
    her: ME TOOO!!!! and i started kindergarten at the nuns place ABC next to the church
    me: oh, not me, i was at EFG (public)

    at that point, we thought it was the right time to sort out our ages since we couldn’t have been so far off (there’s a very small window when these schools we attended had these names, as well as streets with their names), but it was likely she could be younger than me (i’ve been calling her as an older person, out of respect, the way we vietnamese do).. it turned out she’s *just* a bit older, but we still overlapped in the same schools, and probably my older sisters know her :-). how’s that for a small world eh. given that we grew up not able to travel very far at that time, our whole world was really just that. I simply amazed.

    • thả diều says:

      oh, i saw this yesterday somewhere too! and meant to send you a link 😀
      (though saw this comment on phone w/o link and thought you meant what they post on their radio, which is entire relevant to this post! in fact i was looking for a bach mass to listen to yesterday…)

  3. thả diều says:

    indeed there was a radio broadcast!! now i just need to track it down somewhere! i knew it, coz you don’t get that kind of good sound quality for no reason… here’s also her take of “Agnus Dei Qui Tollis“, the part that was criminally cut in interview above.

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