women’s world cup thread

Game 1: Canada vs China
– just have to create a thread here to say that penalty at the end was very pathetic. That referee has been blowing whistle Canada’s way throughout the 2nd half. At minute 90th, after all the hard-fought efforts by both sides. Pathetic.

17.jun.2015: Spain vs South Korea
– wow, that was close, hit the bar at 94th minute! But S.Korea makes it to 2nd round! and along with them is Sweden!! I was very impressed with Sweden in the only game i saw them, vs. USA . Well they’re going through, at the expense of Spain. First S.Korean goal was very nice. Second one: goal keeper was caught in no-(wo)man’s land..
– Onto 2nd round!!


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  1. thả diều says:

    Running commentary..
    Second round!!
    -Germany vs Sweden
    — oops, i tuned in just a bit late in 1/2 half and Germany already up 2-0! i thought Sweden was quite good when saw them last vs usa…
    — WOW, pppperfect chance for sweden!! *just* a bit too high for Jacobson to head in.. right at 45th minute of 1st half..
    — min 49: allllmost a goal for germany from a cross that hit topbar!
    — min 52: WOOOW, that was an incredible chance for Sweden with a lone player in front of goal but the cross couldn’t come through!!
    — min 55: SUPER save by Angerer from corner!! with Swedish player RIHHHGT behind her to head in had she missed! Sweden is pressing (as they should, it’s elimination!)
    — min 62: pppperfect chance for germany but..
    — wow, that looks like Schelin was competing for ball in penalty area when … ok, just saw replay, everyone was fighting for ball and fell due to momentum, no penalty 🙂

    — well, it’s quite a match of chances.. Sweden had excellent chance to make it 2-3 but..
    — oh no, baddd ankle twist for Simone!!
    — wooow, niiiice sliding strike! germany 4 sweden 1…

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