bemf prep talks

It’s BEMF week and I had a visitor (a good friend and close collaborator) this past whole week in the office who also loves operas. Our conversations have been:

thadieu: can i play some music?
visitor: yes, please!
thadieu: (turned on bbc-radio3 Sara Mingardo recital 🙂 , pointing to picture Dehggi took) that’s her singing
visitor: you talked to her? that’s cool! very nice.
thadieu: ok, bye, am off to concert..

thadieu: can i play some music?
visitor: yes, of course!
thadieu: (switched on music): we’re listening to Händel’s Aci, Galatea and Polifermo
visitor: this is nice! Polifermo? (typing on google…) Oh, Polyphemus to us. He’s the cyclop who fought with Odysseus, and Odysseus stabbed him in the eyes. He captured Odysseus’ family but they managed to escape by hiding underneath the sheeps, so in the morning Polyphemus counted + felt the sheeps and let them out of the cave to graze while still thinking his prisoners were still trapped inside.. I didn’t know about Galatea’s story… (we both started digging through google…, music stopped…)
visitor: you can switch it back on if you’d like, it’s nice!
thadieu: ok, i leave on cd2 for you, am off to concert, bye.

visitor: do you have a concert today?
thadieu: yes, i’ll abandon you at 7pm for Monteverdi’s “return of Ulysse”
visitor: oh, i know his story, didn’t know there’s an opera.. Monteverdi you said? (youtubing, turned on Monteverdi’s il ritorno d’Ulisse” for the rest of afternoon while we debug code..)

(..while we debug code..)
visitor: how was the opera?
thadieu: it was *VERY GOOD*!!! i reallly love the music. can i switch on some music?
visitor: yes, please.
thadieu: ok, we’re going to listen to the ENTIRE opera again, coz now i finally understand the story 😀 . I didn’t didn’t know he burned Troy and killed Paris!
visitor: oh ja, he did. did the opera cover all of that?
thadieu: no, it’s the pre-story. You know this whole story is like the humans lamenting what miserable lives for the mortals are while the gods are all “oh my nail polish is damaged”. And after Ulysse burned Troy, another god “Minevra” still helped him!
visitor: yes, while the other god kept him as a “sex slave” for her for 7 years!! and when he got back he never mentioned a word of it to Penelope!
thadieu: (Penelope is now turning down all offers while singing some very sad music) she’s definitely a mood killer!!
visitor: she waited for some 10 years! and he said he would be gone for only 3 minutes!
thadieu: (now random guy singing and pouting) oh ja, and then there’s this guy, i don’t understand why he has nearly 25min of singing in the opera!! all he does is eating, and singing about eating! Let me check his character’s name.. PARASITE! that’s what it says!
visitor: only him? that’s the thing! they are all parasites! they simply move in to her place and eat and party non-stop!
thadieu: (now Penelope is singing more sad notes while all sorts of male and female voices around begging) oh, here, the son said he saw Ulysse but she told him he’s delusional, then the maid who gave Ulysse a bath (!!) saw his tattoo and now crying if she should tell the truth or not!
visitor: oh ja, she saw his birthmark! but did she really help? I don’t think she made a difference!
thadieu: you’re right! she told Penelope but Penelope kept telling her to take it easy on the drug. And now Ulysse is back in his old form, but Penelope is telling him what nice Halloween costume you have but you don’t fool me!
visitor: haha
thadieu: and here comes triumphant music, Penelope is happy again! all is well!
visitor: really lovely music!

So there you have it, we spent our afternoon digging well into the story, the opera. I hope he is, because now I’m a BIIIIG fan of this opera. The music is VERY LOVELY. so, onto the next post about the opera itself! 🙂


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4 Responses to bemf prep talks

  1. stray says:

    Gone for more than twenty years, technically, if you figure he had to go on drafting missions first, and then there was that hang time with the fleet stalled on the beach at Aulis, and the war took 10 years, and then it took another 10 years for him to get home. There’s a lot of operas in there.

  2. dehggial says:

    Hilarious synopsis, yo 😉 I especially like the bit about the parasites. Can you imagine having to put up for 10-20 years with some random guys who camp in your lounge and want to marry you for your wealth? All this while your partner is having lots of adventures with sheep (haha) and sex starved goddesses.

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