greetings from the North

the Diomede islands

the Diomede islands, 03.jul.2015, 9.30am local time

Good “morning”! it’s 6min before midnight here in the Chukchi sea as I just woke up to start my night shift watch. The sun just came out and all around glorious. How about some nice views as we have been very lucky up here after the first 2 days. The weather here can change drastically within the hour and you go from gorgeous view of the islands above to a fogbow!


But one of the most surreal experiences involves the incredibly smooth sea surface on a calm day in the fog . Reality was indescribable, and the camera simply had a hard time picking up where ocean ends and sky begins

06.jul.2015, 11.30pm local time

06.jul.2015, 11.30pm local time

If you’d like to read more what we are doing, there is a live blog! warm greetings, as I finishing my “morning” drink and swapping shift with the evening watcher.


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7 Responses to greetings from the North

  1. dehggial says:

    beautiful water! not sure it puts the “warm” in warm greetings 😉 wish I could stick my feet in it, we’ve got 34C/93F here.

  2. stray says:

    Fantastic pix!

  3. Eyesometric says:

    Love the other blog too and like the sound of Marine Mammal Acoustics.

    • thả diều says:

      greetings all! i finally back on land, with occasional running into the wall on my own to accommodate anticipated “moving” ground 🙂

      I still haven’t listened to the clips myself! internet coming to a halt with limit 50kb / message , though the concept of having internet in the middle of the ocean is already pretty wild.. now catching up on sleep..

  4. yvette says:

    wonderful refreshing trip reading you, and I can tell you it is needed here.. heat is really upsetting this Summer.Extpedition blog is fantastic !

    • thả diều says:

      warming greetings from los angeles, Yvette!! everyone seems to be bothered by the heat except me :-). am finally able to run around in a t-shirt :-). The north was indeed super nice (and quite chilled), very refreshing.

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