music for xmas


(i welcome all interpretations regarding tempo. while listening, (especially the one from the last afternoon, this one was from saturday), i occurred to me perhaps phrasing of the details is not the emphasis? (since we have SM who is exquisite in phrasing but at this tempo she doesn’t have too much room to elaborate). Thus it’s really about the mood? Especially when the chorus enters? I’m in awe with her flexibility though! and how well her voice came right up to the top of the hall)

Merry xmas dear all!
Edit: oh, some updates on schedule too, as these are the things I’d like to see next year:

1. Nathalie Stutzmann conducting Bach’s St Matthew Passion with the Liverpool Philharmonic. No Sara Mingardo, ack! Same day as A.Hallenberg’s recital at Wigmore Hall, ack ack! but, i know this piece so well even down to the narration line.. and after seeing her conducting messiah (and requiem, read more below). Also, the alto she chooses has been singing Bach all her life or something! (but please, please, Sara Mingardo please! On (un)related note, S.Mingardo is singing Bach’s St John Passion 2 days after, she’s warming her voice up for a future collaboration i’m sure! 🙂 )

2. Nathalie Stutzmann conducting Mozart Requiem with London Philharmonic, WITH Sara Mingardo!! I was wondering about this one, but now have just seen her conducting the entire piece here. The dynamics she built with the chorus! and the pace! i think when she has a chorus at her disposal I will keep it on my schedule!

3. Emmanuelle Haïm conducting a STAGED VERSION of Händel ‘Il Trionfo del tempo e del disinganno” with Sara Mingardo at Aix en Provence festival!!!! but holy sh*t, the ticket prices! who can afford going there? i need some connection with season ticket holders! (oh, on 2nd look, i think that’s some fancy package? )

4. the entire future plan of S.Mingardo! L’Incoronazione di Dario!! I’m gonna have to fly to Turin! must find the contralto in the woods, m.u.s.t 8 (no dates yet, though while probing around i saw A.C.Antonacci is singing Carmen there too.).


Sara Mingardo’s future plan. Click on image to spot her frolicking in the woods.

5. V.Kasarova singing something i completely don’t know, in Innsbruck. For those who has facebook 1 of her fans just posted some really lovely photos of a xmas concert last night in Baden Baden!


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2 Responses to music for xmas

  1. yvette says:

    Dear Thadieu, you are doing an amazing listening adventure lately and I am discovering so many things with your method! I will try to see Nat S again.
    My best wishes for this period. Thank you for these gorgeous musical lines.

    • thả diều says:

      merry xmas Yvette!! i hope to see you in the summer 2016 too! (i hope my schedule will work out so i can come for the festival, perhaps you’d join me too?)
      Yes, i really love how NS phrases the music! sooo much details to discover.

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