starting the year

with a couple of clips from one of my favorite TV shows, with the focus of course, as always, on strong female characters (the accent and the guns add a bit of a southern flavor to it all)

That is Captain Sharon Raydor. She arrived beginning season 5 (in 2009??). And on the show, “the closer”, we have already a very strong female character, Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson:

Merging the two of them, and putting them head-butting could have made for a cheap cat-fight. And I admit when Captain Raydor was first introduced I was taken aback by her “attitude” (Mary McDonnell’s) . But pretty soon it became clear they were both very talented actresses and brought out the best of their characters. Check out their first stand-off encounter! The little triumph was captured in a very touching moment, which came as a surprise to the Deputy Chief (and to us the audience) as she (and we) has been thinking all along that Captain Raydor was there to make life very difficult for her.

Sure, let’s start a search for fan-fic now :-).

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