Kasarova radio alert

Edit: Here is the entire broadcast. The absolute highlight for me is her very brief Händel. I can not stress enough how well her voice fits .. and it pains me to not hear her enough in it..

From VK’s fb fan site: Thursday 14/Jan/2016 live from Bulgaria, VK’s recital, i believe 1800H central european time (i could be wrong..) at this direct link. Also, she gave an interview in Bulgarian but with a realllllly lovely excerpt from her latest russian arias cd, makes me think we need to see her in one of these operas soon!!!

Edit: oh, here’s the official listing on Worldconcerthall: 17:00 hours GMT (1800h CET, 1200h Boston time, argh!)
(and the program for the concert tomorrow, via 1 of her fan from fb site:
Georges Bizet – “Carmen” – Horus and stage patter, Habanera;
• Gioachino Rossini – “The Italian Girl in Algiers” – chorus, recitative and rondo of Isabella;
• Ambroise Thomas – Overture to the opera “Raymond”;
• Camille Saint Saens – “Samson and Delilah” – Aria of Delilah;
• Giuseppe Verdi – “Don Carlos” – Horus and scene Aria Princess Eboli (Song of the veil)
• Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – “Eugene Onegin” – Waltz;
• Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – “Maid of Orleans” – Aria of Joanna;
• Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov – “Snow White” – Dance of acrobats;
• Modest Musogski – “Hovanshtina” – Aria of Marfa;
• Ruggiero Leoncavallo – “Pagliacci” – Choir;
• Francesco Cilea – “Adriana Lecouvreur” – Aria of princes de Bouillon.)

ps— could someone fire up the capturing machine please!! i might have a meeting, argh argh.


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105 Responses to Kasarova radio alert

  1. yvette says:

    Thank you a thousand time for this discovery and this share ! just what I need these days! Best Y

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  2. Eyesometric says:


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  3. thả diều says:

    I up, with running commentary:
    – loove hearing the applause just before any performance. the suspense!
    – gosh, hearing this makes me wish she would sing in the full opera more often!
    – oh, the good news with having the chorus this time: Her Verdi’s aria will be accompanied!
    – here comes Carmen!! to the applause!
    – am waiting for this Carmen to settle in a bit…
    – “prends garde à toi…”
    – very rhythmic..
    – i love the incorporation of the chorus.. she has sung so many of these recitals without them..
    – coming full circle to the vintage 1996 Isabella who took over Italia
    – either the laptop speakers are strange or my ears? she sounds quite laboring without orchestra support… think it’s time to look for the headset.. probably terrible speakers..
    – oh jeah, shitty speakers.. should have had headset 1/2 hour ago… muuuuch better and warmer sound!
    – so lovely she has quite a few fans attending the concert live and posting photos on her fb site!!
    – even the sound of walking is suspenseful!! and ramping up with percussion..
    – that was a very lively overture!
    – now to Delilah, fingers crossed the tempo is faster than Moscow? yes, i think so…
    – “reponds à ma tendresse”… love the music.. that must be a clarinet?
    – woh, interesting ending there! i getting used to hearing her again 🙂 . interesting how she pauses right after “reponds” in that phrase, i haven’t noticed the breathing pause there before.
    – the contrast in her voice between that in the lovely song in Bulgarian Soul cd to now: the “ping” and more importantly the “ease” I’d say. It’s also the contrast of intimate (the recording) vs huge hall (today) that’s responsible for the less “ease” I believe.
    – oh hahha, that says a whole lot my knowledge of Verdi.. YES, THIS IS NIIIICE, the Veil song!! WITH CHORUS!!
    – hands up for piccolo lovers!

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  4. dehggial says:

    Woke up too late…


  5. yvette says:

    Dear all!
    I am thrilled reading your comments during the concert! On my side of the world everything was fine until the broadcast broke up after first part and never went back to normal. I was almost crying my eyes out… it must be the very bad spell of snow across the Alps… what happened is that the arias never arrived to an end and I became ever frustrated as Faru Kasarova has somptuous shades in her amazing voice, great form indeed ! (just during the Carmen, very difficult to start a concert with this killer, one could hear her breath but it soon vanished later on) I love her Carmen and still think she is the best, as her voice is a fine description of a strong character in this role…and a deeply moving one. I will try to save some Mp3 from the choppy lot I have got… Ombra is fine… and was so good with that little notes of hers so sweet and touching… I wish I could understand her talk at the end… and the orchestra and choir were somptuous throughout.What a place for music!!!yes she could sing Eboli with great appeal, I do not understand why she is not on stage here. her voice is simply amazing… best to you all! Y from Provence

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    • thả diều says:

      thank you Yvette for the impression!! it’s too rare now that we get together “online” for VK’s (lack thereof) concerts! I did manage to save the whole show i believe, on 2 different methods! and I could pass it on to you if you’d like.

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      • yvette says:

        you are fantastic! don’t know the time in Boston, but I expect you did not sleep much ! it is amazing if your sound was bbetter than mine? it seems to me I am the nearrest to Sofia over the Alps, and I never had such a poor reception! My system does not allow me to press ‘like ‘but I could click ‘like’ to all of you!!! thank you Ann !

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  6. yvette says:

    And my frustration is just too much… never managed Princesse de Bouillon sound just went off… I wonder if this concert will be on somewhere after this broadcast?

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    • thả diều says:

      i’ll check on fb and report. if not, i can always put on tube 🙂 . But for now, let me just edit my post and put the whole clip up for you (and any others who missed) to re-listen. The absolute highlight for me is her Händel.


    • SmorgCycle says:

      Sorry the broadcast misfired on you, Yvette! Here in San Diego it went quiet also, but came back after I reloaded the page. 🙂 VK was in tremendous form. She just about busted my eardrums with that unexpected finishing high B! Then, alas, I had to take off on an appointment. 😛 Thanks a bunch to An for spreading the info and capturing and commentary as well! 😀


  7. yvette says:

    Thanks soosooooosoooooo much for all your work for me and friends. I will do sthg with the ones which are fine on my blog and for you too… just to show I was willing !!!!!

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  8. yvette says:

    Her ombra tonight is something really special because her voice is so rich and her singing tecnique so good. It seems to me she has worked a lot on her low register to master her deep sounds and it could be felt in the Verdi’s arias and Bizet too. She is a tremendous muscian to my ears, she has got the Rita Gorr touch in her so rich and immense voice. Now I long to see her on stage again… what about this recial in Paris we were dreaming about?
    Thank you so much for the link at the top so soon and so good …

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  9. stray says:

    Am I hallucinating or has she transposed the Veil Song significantly down in the main bit and then is basically singing a low harmony part in the chorus? Maybe it’s time she revamped her Verdi repertoire.


    • thả diều says:

      no, i think that’s the mezzo line with the soprano skating just above (the line we miss due to lack of sop).. but i could b wrong, am clearly no Verdi expert…
      “revamp”: u mean ditch it? 😉


  10. thả diều says:

    A link with lots of photos, including with her teacher (Resse Koleva), with Stoyanova, and one with her mother! (courtesy of the VK club president Smorgie on fb).
    ps- Dehggi, what out for a certain dress 😉

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  11. dehggial says:

    The tickets for Lucia with Damrau are going on sale tomorrow at 9am local time here. I don’t know if you’re still up for being in London during that period (7-25 April). Kurzak takes the lead between 11-19 May.

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