radio alert

Edit: here’s what I caught of NS singing.. hypnotizing..

found the program, above is “Wo die schönen Trompeten blasen”
Edit2: Here is the re-listening link, hurrah.
now, 11.Feb.2016, 13:00h EST, 19h CET, from Copenhagen , Nathalie Stutzmann and some other really nice bass singing GREAT Mahler ‘s Des Knaben Wunderhorn… (i missed the first hour, ahhhhrgh, i knew something was off.. )

– WOW, she just started.. i had no idea which part, wow, here comes to the capturing machine…
– ach nein! nooo, noooo, not the bass singing “Urlicht”!!! NOOOOO, i was hoping she would sing it!! (but it means she was singing 10. “Lob des hohen Vesrstandes” just before?) NOOOOOO, aarrghhhhh, i was reallllly hoping to hear her here.
– the end, 😦 , i go hunt archive later… but let’s settle in the office with Urlicht, from the clip that introduced me to it. I’m sure we will all have our fav Mahler singer..


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3 Responses to radio alert

  1. stray says:

    OT, but for once I don’t have to go to Boston.

    • thả diều says:

      but is it farther to get to than boston? 🙂 (i heard some crazy cold temperature in that area? here it’s pretty toasty!)

      • stray says:

        I’m guessing twenty minutes by car, if I don’t take a wrong turn bc I haven’t been to that venue since Bill Clinton was president.

        Yes, we’re in the path of an Alberta Clipper. It is currently 12F, with a windchill of -5.

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