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Edit: while at site, do check out Emmanuelle Haïm conducting Mozart “Mitridate“, it was live today 20.Feb.2016 at TCE in Paris and now available for viewing for some time… ( i don’t know th opera at all.. but it’s E.Haïm! and her orchestra! and there’s also P.Petibon)
Edit2: oh me goodness, clearly i have not been watching the right staging! i majorly resisting 100 screencaps.. but here’s one (<– do click on) dear readers.. hopefully a post will pop up *soon* at a white-shirt friendly blog!
Edit3: i can’t resist.. please don’t miss the singing starting here. WHAT HAPPENED?? noooo! woooah.
Edit4: man, it’s not going very well for these love birds!! start here dear readers for their heartbreaking (goodbye??) duet 12
Gabriel Fauré’s Pénélope starring Anna Caterina Antonacci, today, Saturday, 20.Feb.2016 at 0700GMT 0800CET, 0200EST. This was taped from last November at l’Opéra national du Rhin in Strassbourg. I’m not sure why ARTE TV is broadcasting it at EIGHT AM central european time though, but the good news is I’ll be awake! Though am not sure if I can handel the music at this hour given deadlines, but to Penelope we go!

click on image to go to arttv weblink of the broadcast

click on image to go to arttv weblink of the broadcast

— Perhaps before we launch into it, a bit of exploration of who she is and what the opera is about 🙂 — OHH, there’s a Ulysses!! oh, it’s Penelope! Monteverdi coming full circle. I must say i wouldn’t mind hearing ACA as the other Penelope!
— Perhaps while still waiting, let’s sample a piece of music… quite pleasant!


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  1. thả diều says:

    running commentary
    — visually i can’t help but remember the party in Zürich.. while aurally i thinking Les Troyens 😀
    — oh, we have a deep big mezzo whose French sounds German, must be a pluck from Wagnerian troupe! She must be the advisor/nurse of Penelope in Monteverdi’s version!
    — this is great for those who has seen Monteverdi…
    — WOW!!! ACA! great entrance recit! in fact you can hear her style contrasting the mezzo… ack arte tv is not making subtitle available! fine! i’ll watch and listen to her!
    — wow, some niiiice low notes!!
    — i getting Poppea confused with Ulisse…this deep bass is not Seneca :D, so must be one of her suitors? and who is this young man she’s tending to on ground… and the tenor..
    — great, visually we also have dancers showing her/their bare shoulders! to solo… this must be FLUTE! really niiice, and plucking of violins… (oh, and oboes, and clarinets..)
    — after being abused by her suitors, the disguis-or arrived!

    — she has a VERY distinct voice compared to ALL sorts of female voices!
    — i quite like the music too, not exactly “modern”, not quite “lyrical” (<– methinks i know what i mean).. but it's got a ton of deep cellos + bass + woodwinds + brass lines (not all at once but alternate to create flow)
    — and of course, we get a ref to les troyens!! here comes the horse!

    — the young man is back to solo bassoon! and even younger boy/girl!
    — hurrah, just when i craved, she launched soft singing.. to bassoon!
    — (yes, before, too much loud singing.. i think the tenor could be better, he must be Ulisse..)
    — i must also admit at this point I missing Monteverdi a lot 😀
    — all the brass are out! “je suis Ulysse!”
    — ah, this guy sharpening the knife must be the parasite!! will he occupy the next 20min of pouting??
    — oh wow, we have REAL horse! this reminded me of the story V.Genaux told once that she had to sit on a horse coming on stage.. and the horse started sneezing due to baaad spray onstage (the human also suffered, but the horse’s system went into over-drive).. and she was sitting on the sneezing horse singing her entrance aria 😀 . luckily no-one got tossed off! and horsy went backstage without drama.. and no drama here so far..
    — that concludes the “morning” opera session. If i lived nearby and ACA was singing this i’d come a couple of times to experience her live.. but i must say it’s not my fav in term of music.. but may be i haven’t warmed up to it yet :-). Staging is nice, i like it. there was nudity in case someone is allergic.. musically, i now feel the urge to go listen to Monteverdi 😀 😀 (clearly biased.. at least we know what we like, though of course we’re always open to new ideas for them ears.)

    • stray says:

      Thanks for the links! I was at AK’s 90th birthday party yesterday, so now I have some catching up to do 🙂

      • thả diều says:

        90th, wow! 🙂
        yes, do catch up esp. on mitridate! i need to capture it… the singing is superb, love the orchestra, no idea about the story, but please can more operas start like this!!!
        and greetings from nawlins! am told i must see Charmaine Neville…

  2. stray says:

    Harteros role debut in Un Ballo in Maschera on Sunday, in case you’re keeping score.

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