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Edit: here’s the link to the digital concert site, free streaming Friday night 18/Mar/2016 at 7.30PM Central Europe Time, for Mozart Mass in C minor with Natalie Stutzmann conducting. I was there tonight, really lovely piece!! love Emőke Baráth’s voice and projection in the hall!

Bergen in morning sunlight, 16 Mar 2016

Bergen in morning sunlight, 16 Mar 2016

ps- in case you’d like to tune in, Nathalie Stutzmann is conducting Mozart Mass in C-minor live from Bergen (!!) this friday that can be listened / watched live via link on worldconcerthall here. You know where I will be tomorrow night :-).

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  1. yvette says:

    Perhaps where I came back last Thursday? Enjoy the beauty of it all if you are going where I was!

  2. yvette says:

    Knowing you are a keen and swift traveller I thought (being up North) you might be aiming at Baveria… that is where I was, but you are in your Northen I cannot guess where you are aiming at !

  3. Eyesometric says:


    • thả diều says:

      Thanks Eyes, i did! the concert hall was a bit large.. and while colleague with very good classical ears / training had no problem with sound, I , who sat behind him, had difficulty.. and we though perhaps it’s the ceiling structures.. but E.Baráth’s voice came out fantanstic whereas the other soprano was not as audible at times.. that is until her solo / duet with flute/oboe/bassoon. The chorus came out a quite a bit muddled for me.. I know it because that’s not the typical dynamic one hears with NS conducting, on top of the fact i know (from listening) the chorus sections quite well.. another colleague who sat near the front was very very impressed with how NS brought out the dynamics in the chorus, just as I expected :-).

  4. thả diều says:

    Let me put my comment here on Mozart Mass in C-minor conducted by NS last Thur, now that I also see it on the digital hall site:
    I love the dynamics, orchestra sound, chorus sound, and E.Baráth’s voice + phrasing! The phrasing of the soprano during.. not sure which movement with flute + oboe was also very nice. However, as we were told to not worry about tickets.. we didn’t get ours until at the end of our meeting–noon of concert day–which turned out a mistake as we ended up at the back of the hall. I must say from there sound is bad. Every details + dynamics you can hear on the digihall merged and became muddled in the hall… So in case you find yourself in the hall in the future, get seats above row 27 is what I’m told… some more comment:

    1. Kyrie: yes, this confirmed my feeling regarding the soprano: I find her phrasing quite disruptive.. and somehow always prefer someone who could sustain the notes and transitions much softer to bring out the lifting feeling.. here it’s quite intefering I find. Indeed in the hall her phrasing was similar, with the issue also of not able to reach our seats (we were realllly in the back due to the concert being nearly sold out — which is great!)
    2. E.Baráth’s voice! she managed to really sustained the note, the phrasing, and hers was the only one that reached us very well. I was quite amazed also re. her range but perhaps Laudamus te is on the high range for mezzo? also her voice is getting more rounded, perhaps she’s switching to mezzo soon? 🙂
    3. It’s a massive chorus! in fact so massive I thought I didn’t hear as well the sharpness I normally hear with NS guiding them. This is only a second time i get to hear this piece. and both time i’m very impressive with the chorus size :-).

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