mozart to start April

Edit: so i’ve discovered she sang Sifare to P.Petibon’s Aspasia in Munich in Jul 2011! here’s a sample. with the entire radio broadcast available here: Act1, Act2. (I left the audio in aac because the sound is good and I don’t want to disturb it, you can use vlc to play.)
“Lungi da te” Anna Bonitatibus

I’ve been camping over at Anik‘s the last 1.5 month discovering Mozart 😉 . Funny how 6 years after the first Sesto experience I finally get around to understand his music and the whole repetoire.. Given the current line-up of deadlines it’s a great time to dig up the backlog of all her Mozart posts (esp. now that I finally follow *some* sopranos…). I also have a backlog of posts and if ever get around to it I would like to put up at least one on the fabulous live Ariodante experience in London last month (and fabulous jaw-line! jeah!) In any case, here’s an appreciation of Anna Bonitatibus. Can’t believe it has taken me this long to “really” appreciate her phrasing and gorgeous tone.