mozart to start April

Edit: so i’ve discovered she sang Sifare to P.Petibon’s Aspasia in Munich in Jul 2011! here’s a sample. with the entire radio broadcast available here: Act1, Act2. (I left the audio in aac because the sound is good and I don’t want to disturb it, you can use vlc to play.)
“Lungi da te” Anna Bonitatibus

I’ve been camping over at Anik‘s the last 1.5 month discovering Mozart 😉 . Funny how 6 years after the first Sesto experience I finally get around to understand his music and the whole repetoire.. Given the current line-up of deadlines it’s a great time to dig up the backlog of all her Mozart posts (esp. now that I finally follow *some* sopranos…). I also have a backlog of posts and if ever get around to it I would like to put up at least one on the fabulous live Ariodante experience in London last month (and fabulous jaw-line! jeah!) In any case, here’s an appreciation of Anna Bonitatibus. Can’t believe it has taken me this long to “really” appreciate her phrasing and gorgeous tone.

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  1. Anik LaChev says:

    Thank you for the broadcast (does the First Act really clock in at 7+ hours?)! And, of course, for your frequent company these past weeks. 🙂

    • thả diều says:

      good “morning”, 7 hrs? i think it s the original audio codec that gives the wrong impression, it s 1h40min first act and 1h22min 2nd axt. i made it to Lungi da te last nite and ended up having it on repeat. so interesting hearing different phrasing everywhere… but i miss Haïm 🙂

    • thả diều says:

      thank you for visiting Luís! yes, the addition of the piano forte is brilliant (and the playing of it too!) I really love how “quiet” and intimate the exchange was between voice and piano before the orchestra joined in, just amazing! I wouldn’t mind to also hear the voice “accompanying” some nice piano passages (the other way around of typical piano accompaniment..)

  2. dehggial says:

    Yea, I can’t believe it either that it took you this long to come around to one of the best mezzos out there 😉

    • thả diều says:

      there’s time and place for everything 😉 . i blame it on my missing opera altogether in 2009 and not making it to zürich for her Nerone!.. where’s that photo… here (I mean she has competition! and for a “youngster” to the WS scene, between VK and M.Mijanovic it’s tough!)

      • dehggial says:

        That Agrippina must’ve been overwhelming, all of these talented women chucked in together… phew.

        • thả diều says:

          and guess what i’ve been listening to now while envisioning arm muscle flexing and donning the shirt 😀
          but it’s true i think i somehow miss her also because… not sure why.. for example i’m not completely familiar with her rep either, even though i remember we snapped a photo of her “Semiramide” cd while in Basel…

          • dehggial says:

            Baroque and Mozart is where she’s best as far as I know.

          • thả diều says:

            here, this about sums it up i think.. they’re up next on deck *after* Munich Mitridate 🙂 . but given i just discovered Mitridate last month and 90% of the stuff listed on that site i don’t know, that explains.. so it’s not just purposedly-ignorant mind 😉 (even the Vivaldi stuff i was just getting into it last year via SM.. and she was on NONE of the recordings with SM! oh, and that Semiramide is not by Rossini i’m guessing?)

          • dehggial says:

            It’s a CD of Semiramide-related arias by different composers. I have a feeling her voice is a bit small for belcanto but might be wrong, I’ve only seen her once live.

          • dehggial says:

            The article is right, her voice has that melancholic nobility that is very fetching (and which Bartoli never has, even at her best she sounds like a very sensitive girl next door, whereas Boni has real tragic feel; she’s one of those singers that you can believe sounds like someone from another era – some singers (and actors) always sound like they belong to out time only).

          • dehggial says:

            another thing (as I’m reading the article): I’ve had the Boni/Ciofi version of that Cimarosa duet on my phone for a long time! A thing of beauty. I didn’t realise the Mitridate duet connection…

          • thả diều says:

            oh, you’re doing muuuch farther readings than i have, but you might have said the magic word “Mitridate” 😉
            (am currently atttttacking Section 2B.. and fighting with (myself) the word “arguable”… if you start a sentence with “it is arguable” , is that doing you any favor? i want to say “we think it will be good” but that does not sound good in formal writing, but “it is arguable that this can be done” also doesn’t sound too convincing… may be “it is plausible to argue that such and such can be achieved” ? think i’ll go with that..)

          • dehggial says:

            you’re not doing yourself a favour, you’re right 😉 “arguably the best” means there are many who’d think otherwise.

          • thả diều says:

            ah thanks 😉 , but my rephrasing sounds more convincing?

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