gif tuesday

musical phrasing

Musical phrasing; click on image for the delightful gif version

Original source.

I have very few gif ideas (so far, only 3: one last month, this and 1 more which was in my head the entire time i was in London also last month…) . It’s still Tuesday here, but whichever day you’re on, hope you enjoy the visualization of musical phrasing :-). And i’ve now learned how to create gif using ffmpeg instead of some commercial upload crap.. so no more image-size limit, and _the shirt_ gif last month should get a face lift soon! Also, as much as i enjoy this one, i’m disabling it/all-of-them myself as I find them very distracting.. so how about a new approach: click on the image to go to the home-made gif! this way it doesn’t play automatically and I/we don’t have to try to block it!


About thả diều
writing-challenged opera-addict

5 Responses to gif tuesday

  1. dehggial says:

    wow this one is quite complex! good job. So you’re making the shirt one bigger, is that what you’re saying?

  2. Anik LaChev says:

    your posts *really* need like buttons! ❤

    • thả diều says:

      🙂 , i’m really in love with this gif. and one more idea pops up too.. all from Mitridate… (re. the like button, i can check, but i thought there’s one? b/c Dehggi was hitting it on this post)

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