the night continues with Ginevra

Edit: Clear the deck y’all, here comes the duet! à la “Lasciarmi” in Tancredi!


(and Ariodante and Polinesso, AND the chorus)
I’m currently flip-floping between two Ginevras: the one from the previous post with Myrtò Papatanasiu in Mayr’s version and Patricia Petibon in the Genevre 2007 radio broadcast version, which turns out I have listened to before several times.. but now with finer-tuned ears…

It sounds like she (Ginevra) is being mis-treated all the same in both operas. In the Mayr’s version, given the opera is in her name, i thought perhaps she’d have more room to put her case to the front to defend herself.. but after making the sort-of entrance (sort-of because she doesn’t even have her own aria, fighting all the time with all the male roles..) at minute 10 or so… we barely hear from her again until the dust settles (end of Act1, Ariodante jumping off already!) to gorgeous solo-cello (then all the males enters + male chorus). I can hear how she (MP) can maneuver Violetta in Traviata the way she sings this. I’d categorize her voice as focused but has a particular pinch whenever she doesn’t take it soft on the high notes. An example is when she ascends softly at 01.30, 02.30, or 02.59 here, it sounds fantastic. Overall, the voice is indeed quite flexible and has an “edge” to it. I remember during Mitridate thinking she’s got a little of that “edge” that one hears in ACA but ACA’s voice is much more warm and has more body/volume.

Myrtò Papatanasiu, Ginevra Aria #2 (Act 1 Finale):

But what happened before all this? First, Polinesso and Ariodante got into a jaw-ing match belcanto style: (when i say belcanto, i mean it sounds to me like Bellini 🙂 )

Polinesso and Ariodante going at it:

Then, this is the closest we get to Scherza infida, only in the recitative format! But to lovely solo-flute. After that, Ariodante took a sprint à la long-jump-sprint off the cliff, OF COURSE with the chorus “cheering on” from behind: (the other female voice is Lucarnio)

Ariodante’s lament: Ariodante olympic-style sprint off the cliff:

What can we draw from all these so far: That Mayr loved choral music 🙂 . Moving on to Act 2.. I’m holding out hope to get a Ariodante-Ginevra duet! (and perhaps some more soft music for Ginevra?)