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of Mozart’s Lucio Silla at Theater an der Wien 27/Apr/2016. Just to say I tried to capture a couple of photos for DTO, but Laurence Equilbey was constantly moving, so how about just some nice photos of the curtain call. I’m trying to relate the fact that “I don’t hear anything” to past experience.. and perhaps the closest analogy i can draw is if I listen to a poetry recital in a completely different language where I can not draw from body movements / facial expression / vocal phrasing + melody anything and the simplest that is required is the understanding of the language itself which I don’t have. This is rather interesting in fact as one can question whether one is too stuck on certain aspect so as not to be able to open one’s ears to just absorb the sound or whether it’s true one just can’t hear 🙂 . But there it is. The 2nd half after intermission was much better than the first, and i remember thinking had I known the piece I’d know where to look/listen but since I don’t it was sort of hopeless. Goes to show I rely way too much on the orchestra to lead the way. But then again if I know the singing I’d have been able to follow that too but was not the case here. Very interesting experience. Please check out Anik’s post for more detailed report (I will also link Dehggi’s post here if/when she writes about it.)

ps- it did remind me a lot of my comment 2 months ago regarding M. Minkowski’s conducting “Mitridate” in Salzburg and that somehow it would not draw me in, but E.Haïm’s Mitridate worked right out of the box for newbie (me; let’s not forget very soon in we also have _the_ grasp).


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  1. Aw, thanks for thinking of me.

    I watched this online, the Philharmonie concert. I just can’t muster any enthusiasm for Mozart’s early operas, and wish Laurence Equilbey would conduct Das Lied von der Erde and go into that general direction, BUT WHO ASKS ME.

    I did make a GIF of Ehrens & Skerath, that little scene that ends with the Wedding March chord. https://twitter.com/DundasKeele/status/725462198131249152

  2. dehggial says:

    Haim aside, it’s safe to say that Mitridate has other assets to draw you in 😉

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