radio alert

for the rest of this week, including one already past but still can be re-listened:

1. Joyce Didonato & Patrizia Ciofi in “I capuleti e i montecchi” from Liceu, live 20.May.2016, entire broadcast can be re-listened here.
2. Thursday 26.May.2016, 1700h GMT, 1300h EST, Mozart Mass in C Minor with Il Giardino Armonico
3. Sunday 29.May.2016, 1830h GMT, 1430 EST, Sara Mingardo singing Pergolesi, Vivaldi, etc., with the Accademia degli Astrusi. Given that it’s the Accademia degli Astrusi, hopefully they will record their own concert and post on their youtube channel because the broadcast via Rai3 is going to be crap! When will they ever improve the bandwidth, we’re already in 2016 and they still have technology from floppy-disk age or something, argh.
4. Tuesday, 31.May.2016, 1800h GMT, 1400 EST, Händel’s Israel in Egypt from Amsterdam with Richard Egarr . I have heard this piece live only once but it left a hugely positive impression.

Back to item #3 above for a moment: I’m very much looking forward (even with crappy quality): She is singing:

PERGOLESI: ‘Salve Regina‘ in F minor for contralto, strings and basso continuo.
GALUPPI: ‘A rupe alpestri’ Aria for contralto, strings and basso continuo.
VIVALDI: ‘Cessate omai cessate‘ Cantata for contralto, string and basso continuo RV 684.

For those unfamiliar, do check on some of the links (videos from Wigmore Hall and some intimate church)! with “Cessate omai cessate” excerpt below and entire playlist here. I can’t wait!! The only Galuppi’s piece I know with her singing is “La Scusa” which I absolutely love, but “A rupe alpestri” will be a new one.


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6 Responses to radio alert

  1. stray says:

    Thank you!

  2. thả diều says:

    capturing machine on! and live commentating….

    – Here it is, lovely entrance to “Salve Regina”, to crappy audio…
    – wow, horrible sound quality 😦 😦 😦 , saturating ALL of her notes 😦 😦
    – BRAVURA aria!!!! to S.Mingardo’s deep voice!!! bring it on! ❤ ❤
    – soprano obsession be damned, i in ❤ with bravura chest plunges!!

    – cessate omai cessate has started!
    – wow, that deeep chest note wasn’t saturated! yeah!
    – ohhh, i love Mingardo’s trill…
    – here comes MORE bravura!!! aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, i ❤ ❤ ❤
    – you can hear her flipping the page viciously!!
    === BRING THE HAUS DOWN ====

  3. stray says:

    Liceu Capuleti as HDcast, but not here :-/

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