music for saturday evening

From a 3-part concert, with links to the other 2 parts here: 1 & 2. Of course I’ve seen these 3 clips many times before and remember a female conductor (sorry for my ignorance..) but just now realized who she is! Via back channel 🙂 (thanks again!) I’ve just recently learned she was conducting with the Paris Mozart Orchestra (PMO) a concert with Myrtò Papatanasiu singing Mozart arias just 2 days ago (sadly no broadcast, but you can see some photos on the PMO’s facebook site if you can get there). Upon further readings I realize Claire Gibault is not only a fantastic conductor but a musician, an advocate for social justice, women and gender equality. So, this is a proper occasion to enjoy this collaboration once more (since the youtuber disables embedding, click on the image to listen to the music on youtube).

“D’amour l’ardente flamme”
Berlioz “La Damnation de Faust”
Anna Caterina Antonacci
Claire Gibault conducting the Slovak Philharmonic.

click on image to go to youtube video


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3 Responses to music for saturday evening

  1. Anik LaChev says:

    wait, wait, wait — Gibault (I knew her name only from politics?) conducted that ACA take? Have to relisten, thanks for the alert!!
    (and here you have fate link your singer-actor faves – next thing you’ll tell me she also conducted VK in something…!)

    • oh, thanks for the hint, i go hunting! (actually because I didn’t know her at all, i read up and the first thing that I noticed was that she was a very accomplished musician, so i took it as she then brings her music making into politics as a mean to advocate arts education , as well as using her influence in the positive way to fight for equality.)

    • and a note on the occasion above. in clips 1 & 2 one can also see her directing the massive children choir, all of them wearing the european union t-shirt.
      (sadly no intersection (yet!!, VK is in Paris!) between Gibault and VK)

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