video stream alert — sara mingardo

Now, Sunday, 13/Nov/2016, at 18CET, 12 East coast US time,
Händel’s Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno
Berlin Staatsoper
Disinganno: Sara Mingardo
Belezza: Hélène Le Corre
Piacere: Inga Kalna
Tempo: Charles Workman

Video Stream via (Many thanks to Anik for the alert.).

Edit: Running commentary
– the capturing machine encountering some hiccups , grrr
– the sound is always damped while captured..
– ohhhh, i love her hair (S.Mingardo’s. and she’s got some quite nice boots, and smirks, and tie)
– here comes Disinggano’s first aria
– that bar counter is too tall! Disinganno is having trouble reaching 😀
– the pace is significantly less of a rush than the February version at La Scala (though i’ll need to rewatch because the capture machine always reduces sound to way too low)
– somehow it seems a bit too rehearsed. The singing is a bit too under-controlled? (might also be my faulty sound during capturing). But perhaps it’s the tempo, all very under-controlled and a bit regular.. Of course we don’t need a big rush leaving the singers behind like back in February…
– or perhaps it’s also the production? it’s got tons of actions. S.Mingardo is of quite familiar with it. I do like her phrasing a lot, and the finger pointing that goes with the phrase.
– ah i get it now, i think they (Disinganno and Tempo staged the dead drug user — putting on cross-like position) to guilt-trip Belezza.
– Who was it to first mentioned Kalka’s singing as “controlled” ? I think it was Eyes, on that Alcina trip to London..
– yes, i think that’s what it is, the tempo is “too regular” (and perhaps it’s the orchestra? we’re so used to hearing this with baroque bands, the last being E.Haïm’s Le Concert d’Astrée!)
– heheh, Disinganno was staring down her glasses and i thought (s)he was playing with the jphone.
– oh, interview at intermission with Inga Kalna (in German! she must have worked in Germany for a very long time? *very* clear pronunciation)


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12 Responses to video stream alert — sara mingardo

  1. Anik LaChev says:

    thank you for the mingardo screenshot – now I think i will be able to sleep (or not)

  2. dehggial says:

    did you like it in the end? You kinda left it up in the air. Sorry I missed this one, but, yea, nice screenshot 🙂 Disinganno is short 😀

    • thả diều says:

      i ended up listening a lot to E.Haïm’s take from Aix 🙂 . You can hear a huge contrast in how she led the orchestra compared to the Berlin’s version.. and as much as i’m trying to digest’s FF’s vibrato :-), i must say i enjoyed his phrasing more than Kalna’s. But i think this could really be a case of conductor.. because you can also hear a very big contrast between SM’s phrasing in Aix versus (perhaps a much bigger place?) in Berlin.
      And ja, she tried to reach the counter a couple of times, and ended up “climbing” on the the stool with dangling feet.. i had the full capture, but not yet time to compress it. Ideally i’d have preferred a video version of the take from La Scala back in Feb as I like the conducting there more.

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