music and musings to cap 2016

Edit: did i hear it right, she will be singing Britten in Vienna! (starting minute 32mn20s, David McVicar stage director)
Currently listening: Another interview with Anna Caterina Antonacci on francemusique, on 19/Dec/2016, including many fantastic samples of her singing (Barbara Strozzi, Berlioz, Hahn)

Ok, my French listening comprehension is improving, but her French is a bit more difficult to understand 🙂 . hehe, she’s discussing which roles she likes (Didon , not sure from Berlioz which she hasn’t sung, or Purcell). If my comprehension works ok, She enjoys singing Elletra, Vitelia, Cassandra and *detests* Dorabella 😀 . There’s also discussion on Sancta Susanna, which is also available on francemusique The piece starts at 1hr20min20sec. Before that is Cavalleria rusticana:

I think one can try to compare how the singing is delivered here versus the intimate recording linked 2 posts ago, to get an idea the difference between a huge orchestra in a gigantic hall versus a smaller setting.

This caps a year of super fun internet gathering over at Anik’s to discover new operas/singers/opera-buddies as well as the few live performances I managed to see and greatly enjoyed. Oh, and on the subject of French comprehension, I was highly impressed with myself 😀 , this past trip to Paris, i was able to *communicate* !! sure, the vocabulary is lacking as ever, but wow, suddenly it was simple to use the 1% available bit and pronunciation wasn’t an issue at all! all thanks to Mitridate and extensive listening to French radio and broadcasts this whole year. Onto some musings on the road.

March 2016, “Ariodante” in London

thadieu: (jetlagged, falling hopelessly asleep..)
Dehggi: “whore!”
thadieu: huh?
Dehggi: the translation is rather blunt
(on stage: Genievra whining nonstop and isolated on an island)
thadieu: (thinking in head: what’s wrong with her? why is she whining nonstop?! aohhhhhh, i got it! she’s being wrongly accused of being a slut!)

(while stopping to admire Ariodante’s jaw)
thadieu: my bubble is popped! i’ve always thought Ariodante a courageous handsome knight! but he’s a total dweeb! i so sad!

October 2016, “Alcina” in Wien, in standing-room waiting line

Anik: in “Verdi Prati” she (Ruggiero) was just standing there and she (Bradamante) didn’t act at all!
thadieu: did they roll around?
Anik: what rolling around?
thadieu: , what do you mean?! Kasarova and Hammarström were on top of each other! i was confused for some 6 years**!
Anik: (?)
thadieu: wait a minute, (googling on phone), here.
Anik: nooo, they didn’t do that! just standing.

December 2016, “Don Giovanni” in Paris,

1 min before curtain raised
thadieu: they put Donna Anna in a suit!! Anik showed me a curtain call video
Dehggi: (ignoring..)

post opera, while Dehggi taking touristic photos of the venue
thadieu: he’s so whiny. no wonder she delays the marriage for 10 years!
Dehggi: 10? i thought it’s only 1 year
thadieu: oh, it’s our liveblog! and every time the statue showed up, i heard your voice in my head “its mouth is moving!”

So, that wraps up 2016. Not as many live performances as I would have liked, but the rare fews were true fun, and the summer festival liveblog, as well as discovery of Mitridate (and a certain soprano) were true gems. Rolling on to 2017 🙂 .

** though we settled that perhaps it’s like the green grapes.


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53 Responses to music and musings to cap 2016

  1. Anik LaChev says:

    In so aspects, it was an abysmal year. But it was also the year of Mitridate, and discussing Don Giovanni, and Vienna standing room… And that was all very good.


  2. dehggial says:

    hehe, poor Ariodante, he’s a bit lame and also a bit slow. But he has very nice arias. You know this year’s Ariodante goes to London, Wien and Paris 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Agathe says:

    Snort, that statue…. I’m just emerging from an endless line of family meetings and celebrations, totally worn out, so this and the 12 White Shirts are very beneficial to recover my mental health!
    So, when are we meeting up for our next blogging event? I think I’m starting to have withdrawal symptoms.


  4. dj7o9 says:

    Happy New Year – have a wonderful 2017 filled with music, love and happiness.
    I need to be back in the opera again next year have not been quite enough this year.
    Take care, Sabine


  5. dehggial says:

    She enjoys singing Elletra, Vitelia, Cassandra and *detests* Dorabella

    she says she hates her because Dorabella is an idiot 😀 I also loved how she said she likes Idomeneo and Tito better than Don Giovanni! YES! The characters and situations are way more interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thả diều says:

      please continue 🙂
      i’ve been relistening to it because i found the music samples quite refreshing when popped in this way. Last night i dug up her “la mort de cleopatre” and recalled our outings to Basel and how many French words we heard. correction: how many *I* heard 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • dehggial says:

        haha! The one word I got was Osiris! I wonder if she’s sung The Composer last year after all? I miss her.

        but on the subject at hand, I agree, the music samples were great. I’m not going to be able to make it through the interview tonight, but hopefully in the next couple of days (I need to be sociable with mum). Also interesting she said she moved to Switzerland and that she doesn’t want to live in Italy right now. I wonder if she still has the olive farm.


        • thả diều says:

          it’s a short interview, 1/2 hour i think, the rest is about the pianist and i never made it past 😀 . Yes, i also heard how unenthusiastic she is about Italy. She did mention somewhere that she loved Paris before because it’s great education for her son.. perhaps the same in Geneva.. But it was only the interview this past October in Hamburg when she still mentioned olives. In any case, great, more discussion on music and less on retirement, i like!

          ps- a bit related to Ariodante on the road.. what does your schedule say about Apr 22-23? interested in Torino? 🙂 . Galou and Mingardo and the horn + bassoon + tenor aria (Dario)?


  6. Anik LaChev says:

    …lurking for some Juditha intel. #YayHallenberg!


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