This is a repost, of Dehggi’s latest entry, of this incredible (as it sounds like) Patricia Petibon’s recital at Wigmore Hall. You know I wanted to fly over for this, and swapped out for Anna Caterina Antonacci’s concert. I have no regret, only wished i could be in both places, but as I can not, just very happy Dehggi decided to come and blogged impression about it. Head over, and make sure if Petibon is any where near you that you don’t miss her concert/performance.


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writing-challenged opera-addict

2 Responses to re-post

  1. Anik LaChev says:

    *curled up in corner in fetal postion making kitten noises*

    • thả diều says:

      ja, sorry Anik, i was so happy to hear Dehggi’s impression but thought of you.. well, as Dehggi said, she’ll sing more in the future! I mean think of all the incredible ACA’s Monteverdi i missed when she was practically sang in my backyard (NY) when i was in Boston and didn’t even know..

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