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Roberta Mameli (Alinda), Sara Mingardo (Statira), Lucia Cirillo (Oronte). Vivaldi’s L’incoronazione di Dario, Turin, Apr 2017. Photo credi: Ramella&Giannese

squealing. there’s a whole album of some 56 photos too, if you have fb. they all seem to have a ball. look so fun! Oh, there’s another contralto too:

Veronica Cangemi (Arpago, kneeling), Delphine Galou (Argene). Vivaldi’s L’incoronazione di Dario, Turin, Apr 2017. photo credit:Ramella&Giannese.


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28 Responses to photo for the week

  1. Anik LaChev says:

    Yay! Thanks for the link, I didn’t know it was STAGED this time.
    Also: contralto in chainmail – does Agathe know about this? 😉

  2. dehggial says:

    I’m really going to have fun bitching about the costumes in this. Atrocious is not even in the same ballpark. It’s like a Literal met PC Police and they fell madly in love.

  3. Anik LaChev says:

    not on Dario, but since you said you were missing Rice, here is one for you, Dr. T:

  4. I saw this performance! The abundance of female voices was absolutely stunning. First time I heard Mingardo, she’s great! here is my review:

    Who is the soprano you guys are talking about? 🙂

  5. thả diều says:

    thanks, yeah we were already reading your review this morning while in transit. we are now taking a walk into the city to explore a bit and are quite excited about tomorrow. too bad we didnt coincide, it would have been great fun!
    which soprano are you referring to in your question? greetings from Turin!

    • Like what Anik said here:
      PS: sadly, no reason to trek to Antwerp next season, at least not for our certain soprano. (ah well, it if has to be Naples… at least I could go tie shopping!)

      I was wondering who the “certain soprano” was, but it’s not important of course. Have loads of fun in Turin!! And make sure you post your impressions!

      • Anik LaChev says:

        And all the rest of us get lucky because we’re getting two reviews – nearly snorted my coffee over my keyboard at your description of the sister relationship, Giulia.

        (“certain soprano”: Myrtò Papatanasiu. thadieu and I may, in the last year, have talked a wee bit much about her performances and scenic approaches, just ask poor dehggi)

        • thả diều says:

          (i was just talking to Dehggi during the trip about that.. how i first showed up at her place 1 year ago with about 20 tabs opened.. all of your Mitridate posts.. then moving on to limegreen…)

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