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It’s been an unsettling time.. One of those moods where one feels realizes (again) being able to go into hiding implies you do have the luxury to do so, while others are being actively oppressed/hurt. On a closer to heart front (i feel a rant coming..), have the patience to see Antonacci portraying this mad woman will you? (time-tag 7m58s). Do you think Antonacci is this woman? is Antonacci mad? Is it that difficult to see an artist’s “realistic” and effective portrayal is a reflection of their craft but not an announcement this is who they are? Isn’t it clear their moving “performance” is not an invitation to freely project and suddenly “identify” with them and think they’re the answer to your life? I find it troublesome some people cannot seem to distinguish between a performance/writing/painting and the artist’s private personal space/life. Actually it must be quite frightening for an artist who has to perform in public, if that is something they suddenly have to worry about, instead of just focussing on their well beings and effective methods to communicate their arts. I think both V.Kasarova and S.Mingardo had in separate interviews (yay, i found S.Mingardo’s insightful Polish interview!!) talking about the needs to “unplug” from the stage, to define the clear line between “online” versus offline. Whatever people “project” on them based on their portrayals… well, it’s fantasy, that is all. there. random rant is over….

Sorry, i’ve been in a mood, blame it on the upcoming (or past already?!) eclipse, and current sad news. The purpose of this post is, actually, to retreat into a little safe place to enjoy this wonderful interview with Nathalie Stutzmann. I think being a female conductor she has through the years, as with E.Haïm, being asked a lot about it… What I like about this one is that it’s much more about her back story. I was hoping it was longer! quite fun to hear about her “incognito” audition for a conductor job 😀 😀 . And she discovered Mozart Mass in C from a cassette tape. Hey, i discovered Beethoven 9th Choral (and my entrance into classical music) from a cassette tape too! 🙂

That was also the time i accidentally found myself in Bergen!! and dragged a whole team to hear the concert :-). There is also this super short interview. What I liked from that was, according to my ears, she puts the “rock” into Bach. Quite fun. At first I wondered if I should check out this interview or not.. and 1 bar into the music, i was hooked! Think i have this whole concert (radio) saved somewhere as well… perhaps it’s time to dig it up while remain a little bit more in hiding away from the real world (as she said). Just a tiny bit more, to recharge.

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  1. dehggial says:

    Actually it must be quite frightening for an artist who has to perform in public

    not sure what brought on your musings but this public vs private thing is something we non-actors also experience because everyone puts on a different face in public and if people get too enamoured with one’s public face they demand that in private as well… it can bring disappointments in relationships – or stalkers.

    for performers, I think every charismatic performer is in danger of arousing passions within their audience, passions that can go beyond us buying into the characters they play on stage.

    ps: there was a lunar eclipse on 7th August, there’s a solar one coming up on the 21st that will be seen from the US.

    • thả diều says:

      it can bring disappointments
      like me rescuing damsel girl in distress in the dangling-off-dangerous-steps in alley image vs reality of crawling under table abandoning sister? 😀

      i read you’re now achieving “legend” status, be sure to keep up the frontal appearance :p :p

      jeah, i was just getting irritated for some reason.. there are only 24 hours in a day, and one would like to be able to focus on doing productive things rather than suddenly having a burden draped on oneself by external personality who just can’t seem to see boundaries or worst look for divine-connection as an excuse to advance their projection. I still remember encountering one blogger who mentioned feeling troubled because a reader stalked to find out where the blogger works! WTF. The moon is increasingly aligning with the earth-sun line, i’m feeling the urge to howl!

      • dehggial says:

        nice job on your part to dampen that hero image 😉 haha.

        ah, the legend thing! That also came at eclipse time (around the Moon one). Maybe Monday is the right time to join Twitter 😉

        I guess it’s the price of celebrity. People can be weird about these things, some people are looking for crutches. I remember one in my pop music days, she was following a certain singer through the entire tour (US and Europe) and would wait for the singer before and after all the shows just to talk to her about her (the fan’s) life! She clearly used the singer as therapist. Luckily she didn’t go further than this but she bankrupted herself and failed her classes because she was “on tour” during term time. That’s why at a certain level of celebrity people need security detail. Some people have issues with boundaries.

    • thả diều says:

      (oops, just woke up, i have a mild suspicion i missed the eclipse)

  2. SmorgCycle says:

    How nice it would be if we go out and howl alone together from our different places in the world? 😀 I’m afraid the folks here where I live probably would just mistake me for yet another tone-deaf coyotes roaming the hills of north county San Diego.

    Thanks a bunch for the very interesting interview with Maestro Stutzmann, Dr T! It’s a strange time we are living in. Here’s to holding out hope that tolerance will win out before long. 🙂

    • thả diều says:

      yeah, we can synchronize, Smorgie! 🙂
      I think N. Stuztmann is reaching more and more cities in the US so soon she will make it to San Diego! i like her conducting a lot. it was also nice to hear her explaining how she would know shen to speed up or slow down because of knowing where singersight need to breath, etc. I think that s why some times you feel as if the orchestra is breathing with the singers 🙂

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