outside the box

ok, i was looking for a long opera with Sara Mingardo to start the working evening.. and First ran into this (with Dick Tracy & Superman (see pix on left from the program note) & TinTin & Snoopy & the Duponts and… and S.Mingardo singing Jessica Rabbit… all in English!).. and was going to attempt to “settle” with that for music.. and then off the corner of eye was this other suggestion… she does sing!! (not sure in which language.., i think the opera is in English.) , starting around minute 4.. , but first some acting.. one of those other female characters is apparently sung/danced by Barbara Hanningen …

Here, amusement for the late evening / very early morning of a new week:

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5 Responses to outside the box

  1. Agathe says:

    Hihi, how obscure is this? The first time I actually appreciate an Elsa the Snow Queen scenario!

    • thả diều says:

      i’m still laughing everytime i see this clip again. toootally out there. haha, yes! Elsa!! i had to read that to my niece

      • brizac1 says:

        a dvd is available at amazon. Looks like something worth buying 😉
        Mosca: Signor Goldoni (a production by Livermore at the Fenice)

        • thả diều says:

          good morning Brigitte! did you manage to catch SMingardo live singing Penelope from Hamburg vis NDR kultur radio 2 nights ago? she was sooo moving. Stray promised to capture so i might go bribe her today for the clip and could share with you if you would like?

        • thả diều says:

          happy new year B!!
          (I tried to send you emails the past 3 weeks but it says your mailbox is full so the messages were rejected)

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