more monteverdi snippet

ok, so i’ve just found out that more people are now taping “live” S.Mingardo’s performances, yay. Wish this thing below is in full.. but snippet is what we’ll settle for now. There’s also this other full thing which I’ve already posted in some comment section, but it never hurts to share again the goodie, and along with it a lovely write up (based on translation).

(Note the video below: the volume is by default mute, you just have to switch it on. also on mobile the vid doesn’t show up, so it’s now linked to the picture above.)

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6 Responses to more monteverdi snippet

  1. jcmwee says:

    Oh…. *that* moment of dissonance….

  2. Agathe says:

    ❤ Her voice is in such good form, like those high notes shortly before the end, no strain at all. She also knows how to use the church acoustics of course.

    • thả diều says:

      i figured out what it is: she speaks Monteverdian! that s how it just makes sense in my head when i hear her in these works.
      the church acoustics is great! i also like the audience exchanging the program figuring out who is singing… the orchestra is a youth one. seems she is spending a lot of time nuturing the younger generation of singers and musicians. also that festival with Alessandrini, it s worth (for me) to keep an eye out for it because he is the musical director and she collaborates with him very closely.

      • Agathe says:

        Hearing her in one of these more intimate venues must be so great. She seems absolutely engaged here, it probably doesn’t make much of a difference for her if there are 200 or 2000 people listening. And in such a venue she doesn’t have to worry about the voice not carrying enough, quit an advantage.

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