Nathalie Stutzmann (and Sara Mingardo) stream alert

Edit: live-stream on youtube here.
Tomorrow, Friday, 1/Dec/2017 , live video stream from Dublin at 1930 GMT, 1430 East coast time, Nathalie Stutzmann conducting the RTÉ Philharmonic Choir and RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra:

(ps- now that i know there is always a stream from Dublin and São Paolo, am hoping soon she’ll also conduct Händel Messiah with Sara Mingardo singing 🙂
and Bach Matthews Passion too!).

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4 Responses to Nathalie Stutzmann (and Sara Mingardo) stream alert

  1. stray says:

    Hmm, wonder if they’ll conveniently post it to youtube as they did the previous one…

  2. thả diều says:

    Live commentary
    – ❤ , really ❤ how she (NS) had the orchestra soooo softly (and swingingly) playing while the 4 soloists were alternating.
    – (am experiencing saturation in sound.. esp. when the entire chorus is going at once)
    – she (NS) requested the choir to memorize the music. from my experience of seeing her conducting i can understand why: so that the chorus can focus on her phrasing instead of the music sheets. really nice dynamics, those crescendi and diminuendi are very cool.
    – same can be said about the dynamics of the orchestra. they’re playing as one during those “pull out the stop” moments, just when then soloists also pulling diminuendo.

    (super frustratingly i have a meeting now, grrrr… will attempt to sneak peek to the concert still, it’s very captivating so far..)

    – wonderful (and lyrical) “benedictus”.. wonderfully soft orchestra (soprano’s sound a bit scratchy and dominating.. could be my faulty sound… now really running off to meeting..)

    — checking back in, in middle of meeting.. i have a capture, will re-listen and can share. was really wonderful phrasing.

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