the mezzo-contralto love medley

Time for discovery…

Dorilla: Romina Basso, mezzo-soprano
Elmiro: Serena Malfi, mezzo-soprano
Nomio: Marina de Liso, mezzo-soprano
Filindo: Lucia Cirillo, mezzo-soprano
Eudamia: Sonia Prina, contralto
Admeto: Christian Senn, baritone

In case you’re not convinced yet, how about the 1-liner description of each character (copied from the description of the youtube video link below):

Dorilla (Romina Basso, mezzo-soprano): daughter of Admeto, in ❤ with Elmiro (mezzo)
Elmiro (Serena Malfi, mezzo-soprano): a shepherd, in ❤ with Dorilla (mezzo)
Nomio (Marina de Liso, mezzo-soprano): god Apollo disguised as a shepherd, in ❤ with Dorilla (mezzo)
Filindo (Lucia Cirillo, mezzo-soprano): in ❤ with Eudamia (contralto)
Eudamia (Sonia Prina, contralto): a nymph, in ❤ with Elmiro (mezzo)

not sure what the bass does in here.. and some other minor details:
I Barocchisti (on period instruments), conducted by Diego Fasolis.

what are we waiting for?!

(possibly we’re waiting for a live show of this with this similar kind of line up)
(ha!! Vivaldi’s Four Season excerpt is in the opening chorus!!
Btw, actually it sounds like Vivadi’s Juditha Triumphan music actually, that chorus..)

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3 Responses to the mezzo-contralto love medley

  1. thả diều says:

    running commentary:
    – Chorus is really nice, nice swing
    – 1st mezzo’s voice is very warm! not sure who.. i thought it’s Cirillo but could be another.. ah, found out: it’s Elmiro (Senera Malfi)
    – 2nd mezzo might be Basso: yep, 2nd aria is Dorilla’s
    – oh WOW, the bass has a very nice aria to horns!! FANTASTIC horns!
    – superb orchestra and conducting too
    – here comes another mezzo, time to search for libretto…
    – have we already talked about warm and round sound emitted by mezzos instead of tightness?! and the fact that the low notes are nicely landed. ❤ . need to find out who this mezzo is.. singing Nomio (Marina de Liso)
    – Elmiro (Serena Malfi) is back again, quite nice tone, deeper than Cirillo’s (in general)
    – and to round out, here comes Prina and Cirillo
    – conducting is so important in Vivaldi (set tone, set rhythm, accompaniment , everything, absolutely no complaint.)
    – Cirillo’s voice is the brightest of all the mezzos, she’s got a very nice and “triumphant” aria to highlight her high notes (almost gave me an impression she’s soprano, but the voice is warm enough in color)
    – how super lovely, sprinkle + rhythmic harpsichord to wonderful “lamento” style recit

    – and now that Basso is singing a nice and soothing aria, let’s read up a bit the story
    this is from a comment on amazon “It takes place in the valley of Tempe in Thessaly and is about the love of Apollo, in the guise of the herdsman Nomio , for Dorilla, King Admeto’s daughter, who in turn is in love with Elmiro, a local shepherd, who is also loved by Eudamia, a nymph, who is herself loved by Filindo, another shepherd (have you already lost the plot ?)”

  2. dehggial says:

    ❤ Vivaldi, always the best voice casting 😉

  3. qlorgnette says:

    This is Juditha triumphans levels of mezzodom. LOVE!!

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