a new Sesto for sunday

Continuing with mezzo/contralto in trousers (i can make this a series!), here is Lucia Cirillo as Sesto. She does some reallly nice things to the lines/phrase, i would like to see her in this!

That poster didn’t allow viewing embed videos so you’ll have to view on tube. I really love her singing Mozart, in particular this aria (Ah, perfido, which opera? La Finta?), veeeeeery sensitive, i’d very much like to see her more in Mozart!!

And of course, per usual, we would like to learn a little bit how she got into singing… a professional classical guitarist before switching to singing at 20! From this cool short interview.

Edit2: oh, hihi, i reread, it’s Beethoven! which opera is it? Fidelio? whatever it is, i’d like to hear her live singing it, and the aria (Ah, perfido).

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5 Responses to a new Sesto for sunday

  1. dehggial says:

    very nice interview!

  2. Agathe says:

    That Sesto works, I can’t yet quite pinpoint it, but something about her style is no-nonsense, very refreshing, while still giving the character believable emotions. Her style and Fasolis’ conducting here are also very well suited to let the composition shine, for me this is always a bit in danger of getting overloaded, not here, just a very good and versatile piece of music. (Eyeing that Scala Finta again…)
    Also, stance and suit!
    And yes, very good interview (and she loves trouser roles in particular 🙂 )

    • thả diều says:

      i wanted to get back to this, because i listened again to her Sesto, and jeah, i think there is some level of honesty in there that makes it quite a personal take, where you can hear it’s Sesto confining in you the dilemma. I think it has to do with her take on the text and weights again, even though the voice is not as hefty as in the case of some other mezzos..
      since you enjoy the suit, i thought you might also like this one of hers as Piacere at that il trionfo at teatro alla Scala back in 2015.

  3. Agathe says:

    And of course we also know her from this
    (fencing suit :-)) but also lovely phrasing!)

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