Nathalie Stutzmann stream alert

today, 9/May/2018, live from China, Nathalie Stutzmann conducting her orchestra Orfeo55 and , if i’m correct (need verification), also performing music from her “heroes from shadow” “Quella Fiamma” cd . You can follow this link here, i believe.

Time: 1:30pm central europe time, 7:30pm local time, 7:30am East Coast time (grrrrrrrrrrrr, who can be awake?, arrrrgh).

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writing-challenged opera-addict

50 Responses to Nathalie Stutzmann stream alert

  1. dehggial says:

    I’m around 😀 Chinese TV!

  2. thả diều says:

    oh, this aria!! i will link the first version i heard later today!!

  3. stray says:

    Ok I got about half an hour of that but then stream died, so, sadly, I am going to work 🙂 Thanks for the breakfast diversion, though.

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