music for wednesday

(please also note the conductor and the band!! (Marc Minkowski and Les Musiciens du Louvre!) )

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26 Responses to music for wednesday

  1. …the hairdos! 😂

  2. dehggial says:

    I had to stop and comment on how beautiful their voices work together!

  3. dehggial says:

    what do you all think: has she got a tongue piercing here or not?

    • Agathe says:

      Haha, looks like it!

    • thả diều says:

      she’s trail blazing in all facets… although i think it’s her lower tooth growing a bit inside, i’ve seen her up close 😉
      (ps- that’s a realllllly lovely clip!! i wonder why we don’t see her recorded as often… but i think it’s the same problem of being recorded in general singing baroque back in the 80s and 90s…)

      • thả diều says:

        (also wrong time.. so that she couldn’t jive as much with her movements, as she’s doing much more now.. may be back then it’s really standing still and sing? even old clips of VK she was much more static than we’re used to)

      • dehggial says:

        it is a lovely clip! She looks like she wants to burst out of that outfit and kick some trouser role moves 😉

        lower tooth that far in? interesting! it’s like English teeth 😉

    • thả diều says:

      ah nice what you’re doing there, linking a play list.. so it fantastically jumps to her directing Cara Sposa and singing..)

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