music to start saturday

well.. i went to bed very late.. so indeed starting now…
As you recall from our concert at Wigmore Hall just a week ago… Francisca Biliotti was listed as Sara Mingardo’s pupil and that she has been picked by JEGardiner to sing in that Monteverdi 450 tour.. and of course I have actually heard her before here, when I sat through the whole thing about a year ago… but now with more “refined” ears for this, let’s have a listen again. Transitioning right after her also Penelope, check her now too (Lucile Richardot)!!!

(I recall hearing Katjia Pieweck singing this and thought it was lying a little low for a mezzo, so a contralto is just right! I still think she (Biliotti) will shape the words/music more, as how we heard Pieweck did it.. more feeling rather than strictly just sing such that if you don’t understand Italian then it’s not carrying as much emotion?)

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2 Responses to music to start saturday

  1. Ellin says:

    how wonderful on a rainy day here in NY. Thanks!

  2. Agathe says:

    I like Lucile Ricardot’s Penelope in this, thanks for posting!
    Did you see Pieweck is singing Ericlea again in January, so looking forward to it. I still wonder how she was doing so well here, with her general focus being on later repertoire, but she did have awesome feel on how to phrase and get emotion across. Biliotti’s performance seems a bit “dryer” in comparison, but part of it may also be the instrumentation.

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