music for Sunday

some catching up on Nathalie Stutzmann… Beethoven’s 5th is now added to the list of work I’ll try to follow her to listen, will have to keep an eye out on the programs of her next trip(s) to the US (video embeded from facebook, turn the volume on, it’s muted by default. In the case it’s not visible via reader mode, here’s the link.):

That’s great, now we get to hear her sing how she’d like to hear from the orchestra 🙂 .

And there’s also the concert just last week in Dublin, Tchaikovsky Symphony No.5, available in full on tube, on the plate for tonight working music.

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3 Responses to music for Sunday

  1. Ellin says:

    I’ve seen the Beethoven rehearsal and it was wonderful. Will be going to Philadelphia in March to hear her conduct the 4th Symphony and the Piano Concerto No. 1 with Benjamin Grovesnor. Very excited to say the least.

    • thả diều says:

      ah it’s also a Beethoven’s program? for these orchestral works I think unless i know the piece very well I unfortunately can not hear all the details and appreciate her shaping of the orchestras , similar to how we can hear in this Beethoven’s 5th rehearsal here.

  2. Ellin says:

    Grosvenor – my bad.

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