mezzo soprano romeo

what do you think of the youngster’s WS (wearing) skill?

one can also listen of course . i got there via a search “mezzo soprano romeo”. The tempo is a bit slow and too regular.. but it’s just not fair that i always have VK’s Dresden’s Romeo in my head. Though perhaps a sword can make things more spontaneous :-).

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12 Responses to mezzo soprano romeo

  1. qlorgnette says:

    I do salute the wardrobe commitment. (Will listen later)

  2. qlorgnette says:

    while no one will ever be VK (I recently rewatched the Schwetzingen concert and was stupefied all over again), I like the tone here – paced and tentative tempo, yes, but clearly work in progress.

    • thả diều says:

      (that Schwetzingen concert brings me to tear reminiscing what we have now missed)

      • qlorgnette says:

        At least there is the video… really one of a kind. So grateful that we got to hear some years of it!

    • dehggial says:

      yes to Schwetzingen, such a gem ❤ and to certain roles of hers that I would be hysterically happy if anyone can top because I would follow that mezzo everywhere 😀 but until then, the definitive Romeo and Sesto (and perhaps Orphee, as well). And to think she was only 32 in Dresden…

      • qlorgnette says:

        No one could ever top that, but others might be just as valid in their own way, is my compromise take.
        And I know I am turning into an old hag who will forever extol the virtues of VK and von Otter when everyone else will only roll their eyes anymore.

  3. dehggial says:

    not bad, not bad! I especially liked the ending, hehe. She needs to put even more venom into it (voice but also moves -> more cut, less flow), but she’s on the right track. Next step -> shorter hair. Interesting voice, I wonder if she’s darkening or it’s really like this. Like I said, a bit more personality would make it something to look out for but she could grow into it.

    • thả diều says:

      jeah i like mote as tge end was approaching, like she was more free (but still quite cautious.) funnily enough there are quite a few hits with this search.. i will support out youngsters by sitting through them.. ashamed they start out like this now and soon got shoved into gender-stucked roles instead..

      • dehggial says:

        it’s hard, they might make their choices based on any number or reasons – the roles they feel they can sing well, what they actually like, but probably mostly, what they can get.

    • Agathe says:

      “next step -> shorter hair” 😀 Yes! But I already like her attitude. She’d probably be more spontaneous on stage, also vocally, Nice find, T!

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