more interview on another contralto!

ah yes, this suuuuuuupppperb interview with Sonia Prina: “Sonia Prina, la barockeuse”, conducted in French, and posted on toutelaculture dot com . It was quite in depth and informative, one of my favs of her interviews. We also learned that we missed her “Tancredi” only due to this annoying thing in Italy where you must launch into high notes or something? If you recall, the first Tancredi I listened to extensively, with V.Genaux and R.Jacobs, from way back in 2010.. I commented on how she always took it *down* instead of up and it wasn’t a make-or-break of the performance or her ability to sing Rossini.. so perhaps one of these days, we might still get to hear her (S.Prina) Tancredi, just outside of Italy? I vote Amsterdam, or TCE, or TADW, or Wigmore Hall 🙂 . But before her Tancredi, I’d *very* much like to hear her Ottone in Monteverdi’s L’incoronazione di Poppea. I don’t mean from just blurry in-fencing-suit youtube videos (grrrr, that channel has been taken down on tube 😡) from the time when contraltos and mezzos rule, but *now* and *in the next 10 years*.

screencap of interview. click on it to go to the actual interview.

When done with that interview, you can also search for Teatro la Fenice on evilfb, as they have just staged a very nice short run of “Ottone in Villa” with S.Prina in the title role (and our fav bin-man L.Cirillo in another trouser role!) , and from what I saw, they have taped it and will release soon for us all to see!! ❤ ❤

(Last, but not least, in case you're in Italy near Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza on 29th of August, rush now to get your ticket for a "Juditha Triumphans" with S.Mingardo as Holofernes and V.Genaux as Vargaus! one can only hope there'll be some footage streaming available!!!)

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One Response to more interview on another contralto!

  1. Agathe says:

    Mingardo singing Holofernes this summer, that is so cool!
    (And at least that blurry fencing suit video is not lost, I’m pretty sure I have it safely stored somewhere :-D)

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