vietnamese feast, part II

little sister is here, which means i’m super well fed.  not much to describe.  She asked for a menu (what I wanted to eat), i provide a list, and here we are.  Still more to come of course.  but this post is all about picture.  Some of the ingredients I’m not sure about the english translation, but all in all, very good!


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vietnamese feast

the charming smorgy braved the public and private transportation system in southern california to visit me in LA just in time for a special invitation from my best friend for a vietnamese feast early this week.  there are few people i would show up on the spot when they cook, little sister and best friend are on this short list.  In fact, they were fully acknowledged in my thesis:

“Many thanks to my younger sister XXX and older sister YYY who have helped keeping me sane through all the good and bad times, and for the occasional cargos of food delivered in person or by mails. …Lastly I’d like to thank my best friend ZZZ for her great companionship and superb cooking.”

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