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how cool, since getting back from that dream trip in Torino, my computer has decided to take Italy as the center of its universe, along with switching language to Italian.

Should I keep it? and use google translate to figure out how to get form the airport to Carnegie hall? 🙂

boston musicians’ “songs for syria”

programLast week a group of established Boston musicians gathered at a church in Brookline for a concert to help raise money to support the Syrian refugees. Given the election outcome, it also felt like a much needed get-together to understand human goodness and compassion as still being alive and strong. Many of us dealt with the election result in various way. A lesson I learned during our “sea survival” course was somehow playing in my head: in the event the ship goes down and we find ourselves on a tiny raft drifting in the open ocean, it is essential to define immediate tasks to keep the moral and to move forward. In addition to reading up on how to deal with / help those in case of being discriminated p1030749aagainst or witnessing discrimination, in a bigger picture, I constantly have in the back of my mind the former hausmate’s comment on the lost of the young generation in Syria due to the war. Many of us Vietnamese can relate to several generations being on the run, dying at sea, languishing in refugee camps, and missing out on education. So while we have been discussing extensively within my circle of friends about the lack of science and art education in the the US as a contribution to the current political situation, I also, perhaps naïvely, believe that accessibility to education is the key to engaging young minds and reducing conflicts. So yes, post election, the assessment of the situation involves putting things into local/global perspectives and focusing on doing positive things at however small scale we can.

The concert itself restored some of my hopes. Of the many memorable things, one that really struck me was a song, sung by Nizar Fares, about the memory of the left-behind “home” on the top of the hill behind the fog in Lebanon, followed by a “prayer” for the ones who were left behind. Below are some photos from the concert and the full program. It was an emotional evening with everyone gathering for a good cause. The hope of course is to continue with the help and fight.


photo for the day

Edit: here’s the link to the digital concert site, free streaming Friday night 18/Mar/2016 at 7.30PM Central Europe Time, for Mozart Mass in C minor with Natalie Stutzmann conducting. I was there tonight, really lovely piece!! love Emőke Baráth’s voice and projection in the hall!

Bergen in morning sunlight, 16 Mar 2016

Bergen in morning sunlight, 16 Mar 2016

ps- in case you’d like to tune in, Nathalie Stutzmann is conducting Mozart Mass in C-minor live from Bergen (!!) this friday that can be listened / watched live via link on worldconcerthall here. You know where I will be tomorrow night :-).

chúc mừng năm mới!


shipment from Berkeley CA. lunar new year 2016

Haaapppy new year everyone!! a similar* box arrived at my new empty apartment to bless the sunny place and new year, things are looking up! That pink “sausage”-like thingy** at the top is deadly! I attempted swallowing one while walking to the office.. ended up with mad uncontrollable runny nose (those Thai chili peppers KILLS :D, and the flood of raw garlic and full-sized black pepper corns..)

It’s the year of the Monkey. We have none in our family. We know nothing about them! please feel free to share any story / personality you know of them, first-hand, second-hand, compatibility :D. I feeling soooo relaxed and happy.
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lovely seattle

Greetings from *very warm* Berkeley! After a full week visiting frozen Seattle.
I always say (to self) you can get a good impression of a (livable) city first by its airport, second by transportation from such airport to the city center, and finally by access to Vietnamese food :-). Given my connection to the North I have indeed been to SEA-TAC many times and enjoying its diverse food collection.. but nothing prepares me for how wonderful, vibrant, and accessible the city really is until this official visit. There will not be too many photos to share as it was an intense week where my first photo was the fancy room i stayed at after arriving at 2am and next batch was only the day just before leaving. And in mis-judging the timing of bus/train (more on this soon! read that again, bus + train!!) I won’t offer photos of the absolutely vibrant and beautiful UW campus either.. But here are some impression in case you have time to visit some day: Read more of this post

where my (2)π ?

another t-shirt idea 🙂
they must have put something very strong in that boba milk tea.. i up now for some 30 hours editing away… but fingers crossed, since we have to turn them all in in 24hr..

you know how some people are comfortable living in the 1/[ ] universe? instead of saying “i’d like a BIG bowl of phở please”, they’d prefer: “may i have a *small* 1/bowl please”. anyhow, i think it’s the brain, we grow up with units of meter, second, not 1/m , 1/s (note the axes always heading in the opposite way too, to aide more confusion..)

i supposed to edit this file hopefully second to last time. have been reading some 150 articles the last 2 months.. extremely intensive though i must say internal feeling** is great to wrestle with.

Anyhow, need to stay up a couple more hours, but i happy to report during the course of this i re-discovered first the totally serious missing 108 power of energy, and today found the (not-so) lost 2π. so all is well, the figures have the correct /unit and order of magnitude, let’s celebrate with something soothing.

greetings from the North

the Diomede islands

the Diomede islands, 03.jul.2015, 9.30am local time

Good “morning”! it’s 6min before midnight here in the Chukchi sea as I just woke up to start my night shift watch. The sun just came out and all around glorious. How about some nice views as we have been very lucky up here after the first 2 days. The weather here can change drastically within the hour and you go from gorgeous view of the islands above to a fogbow!


But one of the most surreal experiences involves the incredibly smooth sea surface on a calm day in the fog . Reality was indescribable, and the camera simply had a hard time picking up where ocean ends and sky begins

06.jul.2015, 11.30pm local time

06.jul.2015, 11.30pm local time

If you’d like to read more what we are doing, there is a live blog! warm greetings, as I finishing my “morning” drink and swapping shift with the evening watcher.