the other Juditha

music for the the early schedule. I quite like waking up early enough to see early sunlight slowly creeping in before filling the entire living space, now that all the trees are leaf-free. and, some music of course, on the nice speakers, all before needing to pack and head for the office. I really like the “swinging” feeling in Mozart’s music, something we hear all the time especially in all his earlier operas. And it’s a treat hearing SM’s phrasing within it. This was from a radio broadcast a while back in Wien:

(there are several more clips from the same broadcasts, all on operabaroque channel . I especially like “Del pari infeconda” also, and have downloaded it for the phone. Though strangely I don’t hear the Mozart swing as much in that as the one posted here.)


music for Sunday

some catching up on Nathalie Stutzmann… Beethoven’s 5th is now added to the list of work I’ll try to follow her to listen, will have to keep an eye out on the programs of her next trip(s) to the US (video embeded from facebook, turn the volume on, it’s muted by default. In the case it’s not visible via reader mode, here’s the link.):

That’s great, now we get to hear her sing how she’d like to hear from the orchestra 🙂 .

And there’s also the concert just last week in Dublin, Tchaikovsky Symphony No.5, available in full on tube, on the plate for tonight working music.

duet to start the week

(in case more swagger is desired, click here. I’ve had it stashed for the last 10 years and have been going back to it from time to time..)

(oh, also, the synopsis! teehee. the overture does contain everything! I love how they use English in parallel, got to reach out to those fans from out of town.)

music to start the weekend

this has been at the corner of my eyes for “years”, but somehow i have completely overlooked… her sculpting of the orchestra, *wow* , her superlative phrasing, double *wow*! this alone has my head FILLED with images of Alcina slowly collapsing onto the floor (Wien-induced)..

I wish she would consider singing this role! like transposing the whole music down, why not! and may be we can have a… humm, do we want to swap out our mezzos? no! OK, we stay with a mezzo-Ruggiero, a Contralto Alcina, a soprano Morgana, and another contralto Brandamante, ❤

(there's still that role Polinesso that we also would like to see her in..)

music for friday

ze hiiiiiiiiiippogriff! ❤ ❤
Note the orchestra!! and theorbos strumming! It was clear and energetic like this on our first night (not under cover). We all agreed Lucia Cirillo rocked in this role, she was really having fun too.

music to start friday

(then do rewind to the beginning!)
(ps- i’ve just sat through a recent “Orphée et Eurydice” on ARTE and realized how “low” this role is.. and was reminiscing VK and how she hit her low notes.. and felt it is a must to revisit the period when mezzos were flourishing and stomping the ground!!)

music to start saturday

well.. i went to bed very late.. so indeed starting now…
As you recall from our concert at Wigmore Hall just a week ago… Francisca Biliotti was listed as Sara Mingardo’s pupil and that she has been picked by JEGardiner to sing in that Monteverdi 450 tour.. and of course I have actually heard her before here, when I sat through the whole thing about a year ago… but now with more “refined” ears for this, let’s have a listen again. Transitioning right after her also Penelope, check her now too (Lucile Richardot)!!!

(I recall hearing Katjia Pieweck singing this and thought it was lying a little low for a mezzo, so a contralto is just right! I still think she (Biliotti) will shape the words/music more, as how we heard Pieweck did it.. more feeling rather than strictly just sing such that if you don’t understand Italian then it’s not carrying as much emotion?)