who invented the #!#@ jive?

that’s vhat i want to know!

after hours of “hopping” off the floor the last several days, a few words from the coach: “YOU are up the whole time. you need to get down, then you’ll be fine.” Uhmmm, how? “sit! and get your ass under you”. uh huh… you see their legs? and the speed of the music? in all those “hops”, there’s supposed to be:

right groin lead, hip “swing” (to start the pendulum), left foot (ball = toe down, heel up), left foot push -> body rise [1], left groin work -> body lowering, right foot ball “PULL” under, DROP (whole body) [2], left foot lift, step out + rise, left-foot ball heel [3].

and all that is just 3/8 of the whole damn “set”. My feet are about to fall off, still clueless on this “drop” business. many times both my feet are off the ground in bunny-hop fashion, like if you cut the string, i’d float off into space (think helium balloon).

but! it’s good to know i’m not the only one with brain cramp. there was a time i couldn’t react to chachacha in time. at least now (after 9+ yrs) i’m “on” beat, so there’s hope for the jive :-).