“young flamenco” at Berklee school of music

it helps to know people. I mean how on earth i would know about this performance if not for the spanish postdoc next door who got an email from the Spanish consulate! Quote here from the program:

“five of Spain’s top young Flamenco artists will appear in the U.S. for the first time for a concert of traditional music and Latin jazz featuring some of Berklee College of Music’s most inspiring international students.”

I admit not knowing much about this genre, but the last time i saw a flamenco dancer 1 meter away (twice!!) i was blown away with her power and immediately booked my ticket to see her again 2 days later. This was way back when i was still a student and the BSO gave us $7 tickets to sit in row #1 to hear Manuel de Falla. so, when the nice spanish postdoc asked, a “yes” came immediately without hesitation.

The night features five very talented artists: an amazing guitarist (that spanish guitar sound is just stunningly warm and beautiful), 2 singers, 1 percussionist, and… the night belongs to Belén López, the killer dancer. Already the 2 guys with me declaring their loves on the spot. Our walk back was passionately dedicated to visualizing her dancing and her ass.

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