surplus of counter-tenors

there’s a surplus of counter-tenors in the boston area. how else would you explain my encounter of not one, not two, but THREE at the recent boston lyric opera‘s performance of Agrippina? while walking there, i was explaining to my friends about the trouser roles in anticipation of at least a couple of mezzos…

But first, let me back up. we’re talking about Handel and operas! i think being in the US (or even western europe??), the combination of Handel and opera is so exotic, even my two well culturally-versed friends from that part of europe have not heard of it before. I myself would not have known if not for this famous post from Anik (it kept popping up again and again and again when i was searching for kasarova+trouser back in my white-shirt-infancy days. you need to read way down the comment section for a couple of superb reviews from Purity, which was partially why i got motivated to fly to Wien for Alcina last year. (this is also the right time to file my selfish personal petition for purity’s “se vuoi pace” to be back online…)

But where was i? got distracted by too much white-shirt goodness. Read more of this post