dance to start december

I love the open-hand position (hand to hand connection with free-style spinning), absolute great fun to take turn with the partner while exchanging momentum :-). The movie is great if you haven’t come across already, one of my favorites, east vs west cultures and dancing (don’t get it mixed up with the over-romanticized american version..)

the madness of twirling

thank you all for checking in while i have gone near-underground the last couple of weeks. As you might (or might not) know, i signed myself up for a small dance competition right after the white-shirt tour. a full week was spent holding hands practicing with charming dance partner. comment from the coach the night before the comp: “you should smile more.” what could i be possibly thinking about anyway (argh, where’s the damn beat?? is this ONE? what dance is this??) with partner twirling around? Given my stunning talent for hearing the music, we’ve a perfect plan worked out: me looking like a charm at the start while partner count out loud.

In summary, we didn’t get far in our four Latin dances: Rumba, Chachacha, Jive, Samba. But surprisingly, i enjoyed the jive much more than expected. Other dancers might have higher goals in mind, but any day staying on time is a glorious day chez td. Was having soo much fun waving and smiling ear-to-ear at just about everyone I recognized in the entire gym. All in my pink tight shirt. That was pure joy. So glad to hear from several people much later that they enjoy both my shirt and my jive .

Anyhow, given how little we got to dance after endless exciting hours of practice, I spontaneously suggested we dance American Chachacha and Rumba the next day, without any proper practice! To my surprise (and great delight), partner signed me up for not only ALL American Rhythm style but ALL international Standard. To non-dancers, these are: American style Chachacha, Rumba, Swing, Mambo, and Bolero, International style Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, and Foxtrot. Given I have NOT danced Standard in 8-9 years even though I love it very much (how the heck can a girl get time to dance everything??), we promptly made a decision to quit the dance comp and headed out for practice for next day! A small napping detour later, there we were, at school going at it. Luckily for me, partner was/is leading very nicely Standard. And she had to! I can’t dance otherwise. Can’t remember a single step. Don’t even know which foot i was on 1/2 of the time. The only thing I could assure partner: you lead, i follow. As you may (or may not) know, this put tremendous pressure on partner of course because she had to navigate the floor while dancing with someone she had practically never danced with on these style and had to be GOOD at it. I was hoping she wouldn’t stress out so much, given how relaxing i was following ;-), and more importantly how amazingly enjoyable the experience that was.

My favorite dance is without a doubt the Waltz. The slow kind, not the twirling massive-head-ache-inducing viennese kind (as partner found out later). To the naked eyes, there can’t be anything more boring than the slow Waltz. It’s quite simple: 1 2 3, to veeery slow music. In fact it’s soo simple that most of the time people don’t know what to do. It’s sort of like singing in slow tempo. If you know how to use the time to express your emotion and capture the audience, it’s great. Otherwise, you make a step CLUNK, wait for the next beat, another step CLUNK, twiddle your toes, finally arriving at the last CLUNK, yawn, and enthusiastically repeat the cycle again. A loong time ago, i somehow figured out what to do between those super slow beats: glide graciously but with a purpose across the floor. The aim is to cover the entire gym in only 9 steps!

Anyhow, given how taxing it was for both of us, Bolero and Foxtrot were scratched, and we arrived barely in time the next day for Rhythm (my fault, had to iron damn skirt). In the end, with partner leading (and responsible for everything else since my glasses were off), i was having suuuuch a great time dancing. we made it further in both Swing and Waltz. A surprise fun dance at the end of the comp even offered me a chance to lead the Waltz!! yay.

In summary, i was very happy to have a great partner to dance with. It does make a huge difference when you are not wrestling (i wasn’t, heard something about her asking me to keep my frame up while i losing consciousness 1/2 way through the Viennese). I’m also very grateful that she didn’t drop me at the end of that Viennese, good thing the 10000 warnings i sent her about passing out. “I wasn’t sure if i should smile while you collapse your head on my shoulder…”. We’re currently re-negotiating our contract for next year. will update more once terms and conditions are settled.

No pix that i knew of. it’s good that way anyway. I leave you with a beautiful song, one which my friend used to sing on my guitar. I loved it the first time she sang, and still loving it very much on loud speakers while watching Silver level dancers twirling around in the viennese. signing off until another couple of weeks. a gigantic meeting is coming up here next week.

a different kind of white-shirt

this is a post about him, not her. here he is:

i saw him once, within 1 meter probably, when he came (with her) to give a Latin dance demonstration at my school back in 2003.  they’ve been world champion in Latin 9 consecutive years from 1999-2007, and just retired recently.  i just really love his body movements, the sharpness, the poise, the posture, his arms, pretty much everything.  Can’t figure out yet why I almost never notice her in their dancing, may be it’s the clothings.  May be if she puts on a pair of trousers…
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