boston camerata @ mit

boston_camerata01Welcome to another overnight in the office. This is 1 week late as I heard them last week but didn’t have time to post. A friend whose early music taste always brings me to the right place mentioned that boston camerata was in town and performing that night and though totally buried with deadlines I knew enough to follow her instinct. What followed, I can not believe I didn’t know the existence of this group until now! All in all, one of those performances you will remember for a long time. Not one particular thing to identify, just the combination, totally fits my recent developed ears + long love for early instruments :-).


the instruments


the program

Am going to be very “lazy” and not writing much because it seems they were covered very well in the following list. The point is to make notice in case they come near your area you might want to check out.  What really struck me was an example of a group of musicians fully demonstrating their capability + talents + dedication while enjoying it along the way, and thus freely spreading their “infectious” joy, i in suuuuuper high spirit the WHOLE week. And it reminded greatly of my first ever baroque concert in a church way back in 1996 when I was on the way discovering “classical music”. Few things can beat a small setting + sitting 1-3 meters from these intimate instruments and voices :-).

Boston Camerata’s
residency at MIT
1st performance in the intimate setting of MIT’s chapel (which i sadly missed as was on travel)
2nd performance in Walker Memorial
photos (do check out, some really nice shots, including 1 where i can spot myself 🙂 )

The Boston Camerata

their facebook page
their music:

and the night continues..

now that i semi-recovered from ranting mode* due to lost work… still in the plan is the other monterverdi but i currently stuck on this on repeat since last 5 hrs…

ok, so i got distracted by a link off the corner of eyes to Cecilia Bartoli singing Pergolesi… then more and more breadcrumbs to her Portrait (i can see how if i were at this live recital i’d have quickly become a fan, really like that concert), and now at her very charming interview with a nice host in english!

this is sort of my eating-2-cakes-in-1-sitting phase you know, the fact that she’s been discussed extensively both on Anik’s and in comments by people whose music taste i pay attention to.. and yet somehow i still trying to get a handel on.. so, while binging on sara mingardo (also a laaaate discovery), why not combine with whatever comes off the corner of eyes!

* from comment section in previous post where i saw some reallly nice monterverdi work with sara mingardo..


Edit: wow, hey! yay! Monteverdi! this is how to catch td’s attention!! what a way to start an opera! i in love!


Sara Mingardo, in boots, cap, and roses!!

more edit:
last screencap before i call it a night, complete with white shirt and tie.. let’s just say i super distracted and didn’t quite have a chance to hear the music.. and here’s also a link to the production where she’ll sing Ottone in feb/2015 at la scala!

music for the night

deep voices are like vietnamese noodle soup, must have at a particular time of the day and i unwilling to negotiate!
this month has been rather stressful and strange.. with ms. mingardo to the rescue.. can’t promise this to be the last post yet, but let’s celebrate end of august! i was ready to play disinganno again last night and thought hey, wouldn’t it be a good time to see her in a real opera (on yt)! but first some nice digging through the treasure box, dang, look at this festival 43!!! had to even go back to my own blogging to figure out when i got into opera to have missed it, absolute criminal! anywho, so i about 5 year late.. but good news, look what i found, Sara Mingardo in action. No, i didn’t particularly look for such a pleasant sight, it simply works out when you pursue what you love ;-). yes, please sit on the bed, you have the world, and me. i will listen to ALL your doulo.. lascia.. what? sorry dear, lasciami sola? i don’t understand…