to heck with orchestra

for the first time i can claim i *love* an opera because of the singers alone! More specifically of the very very nice Giulietta and fffffaaaannnntasticcccc Romeo! Am totally captivated. And before you come to any conclusion that i *only* listen to alcina, i capuleti e i montecchi, and tancredi, let me clarify! actually i was listening today (while writing up review) to Handel’s Oreste. Not sure which version i got though… But, back to the recording of Romeo! I’m always quite amazed of the things you stumble on on internet these days… like live performance of Vesselina Kasarova in New York! with French soprano Annick Massis, and the Opera Orchestra of New York conducted by Eve Queler. Anyhow, it’s a bit sad that the recording of the orchestra is not that great (pretty noisy). Whoever recorded this must have been sitting right in front of the 2 main singers! I’m beyond happy with the recording of Frau Kasarova’s voice actually. There’s so much one can absorb it it, to a point you (I) literally stop breathing!

Anyhow, the opening aria for Romeo is very well sung too, but I didn’t upload it. In place, we shall have the complete (uncut) fantastic duet between Romeo and Giulietta,

and the complete final scene (above). Alternating between these are 2 posts by a fan of Massis’ of her great opening aria and the duet between Romeo and Tebaldo, posted by Arashi. For me, she’s the best Giuliettas (in term of voice, my scale is pretty biased though and heavily weighted by non-headache-inducing factor) of all the ones I’ve heard in recording :-). Here are also two write-ups (1 and 2) of the performance back in 1999.