sports update

nothing major, haven’t followed much of anything 1.ffc.frankfurt has done (i should) because we actually have a league of our own here between departments, co-ed “c-league” for the sort of beginners like me.  Due to lack of time/games/etc., they merged “c” and “b” leagues together, and one way led to another, we were in the final today against the all-spanish team.  These are quite serious guys, all dressed up in their national jerseys, muuuch more skillful than yours truly,  talked A LOT (in spanish) during the game as it should be, calling out where to pass, loads of dribbling, very nice 1-2 passings.  sadly, we lost in overtime 1-3 after 1-1 tie @ end of regulation, though we had our chances with one nice shot hitting the cross bar during regular time.  Haven’t run that hard in quite a while, ankle fully swollen now and legs want to fall off, but it felt GREAT.  As usual, yours truly played “right back”, the only possible position.   Read more of this post


played my first “competitive” game 🙂 🙂
we lost though, 2-4, with opponents scoring 3 goals in a span of 5 min near end of 2nd half…
and yes, we actually played on a “near” full size field, just 20min each half though, and yours truly only had to run out gasping for air once. so, keeping tap of first:
* game
* full size field
* night game (to full moon!!)
* on astroturf (too bad it’s not grass!)
* got knocked over with an elbow, head still ringing
* blocked ball with butt, hey that’s what you do when you can’t use hands and don’t know how to stop the ball with your ab/chest!
* finished 1 dribble without losing the ball
* got spatially disoriented toward end of game, wasn’t sure which way i was facing (in the big picture. small picture-ly, i was fine, staying in front of the guy in yellow shirt)

so, you know i never learned to play the game properly, no technique. a long long time ago in a far away country, all boys in school wanted me to join the team. back then, i could beat 2/3 of them running, not any more. anyhow, parents said fußball was not for girls so there you have it. some 20+ years later in another country around the world, finally kicked the ball around for the first time. great great great fun!!! (as it should be). Read more of this post