“carmen” for advanced beginners

Last week, i took my older sister and 4-yr-old nephew to see the rebroadcast of the M E T “Carmen” with Elīna Garanča in the title role.  The nephew tag-along was a last minute variation thanks to a last minute baby-sit cancellation.  Nephew lasted 50 minutes which I thought was amazing.  Then he started singing very loudly, so it was time for some cô-cháu (aunt-nephew) bonding on the escalator outside the theater.  1.5 hr later, sister came out, super charged and happy declaring her love for opera.  She came home, did extensive research on “Carmen” on the internet as well as browsed through all available clips of Garanča’s singing on Youtube.  So, natually, I gave her my favorite clip, u know, this one:

(and also this one to show my favorite singer with Garanča).  Her conclusion: definitely likes Garanča better because Frau K looks “too angry”.
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